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Infinity PUR 3000 Complete Kit with Cartridges

Product Highlights

  • Infinity Bond
By Application:
  • Woodworking & Furniture
Dispensing Type:
  • Manual
Gun Type:
  • PUR Glue Gun
Gun Type: PUR Glue Gun

Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA

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About the Infinity PUR 3000 Complete Kit

This kit is the best way to get started with PUR adhesives for your application. It includes an Infinity PUR 3000 cartridge gun and one of each of the Infinity PUR WW30, WW60 and MP75 adhesive cartridges. 

Infinity PUR WW30 has a 30 second open time and is perfect for woodworking. The Infinity PUR WW60 has a 60 second open time and bonds exceptionally well to wood, laminates, light plastics, and metals. Infinity PUR MP75 offers a longer open time - around 75 seconds - and bonds wood, metal, plastics, cement, ceramic and more. Each adhesive cartridge produces approximately 50 linear feet of adhesive.

What's Included in the Infinity PUR Complete Kit

The Successor to the Titebond HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System

Infinity PUR cartridges are an exact replacement for the Titebond HiPUR cartridges, and work seamlessly with the discontinued Titebond HiPURformer gun. Infinity PUR and Titebond HiPURformer are 100% cross-compatible.


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    Infinity PUR 3000 Complete Kit with Cartridges

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    Infinity PUR 3000 Complete Kit with Cartridges