PAM HB 700KD Extrusion PUR Gun
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PAM HB 700KD Extrusion PUR Gun

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Gun Type: PUR Glue Gun

SKU: PAM-H208050


The PAM Fastening HB 700KD is a high performance reactive silicones or PUR dispensing tool with adjustable temperature and an integrated digital display. The HB 700KD can dispense anywhere from 104 to 400 degrees F and uses standard 10.3 ounce cartridges. 

The HB 700KD is electrically heated and then adhesives are dispensed pneumatically with an included air line and electrical cord. Users will need to provide compressed air. Overall, this unique tool is incredibly unique to the PUR dispensing industry and offers a feature set unmatched by any other PUR glue gun.

This tool requires a purge cleaner at the end of each day, when it is in use.  The PAM U7588 Purge Cleaner is available for purchase on 



PAM HB 700KD Features
  • 600 W Heating element, 120 V
  • 104 °F – 400 °F Adjustable Operating Temperature
  • Internal Heated Chamber for use with adhesives in 10oz Aluminum Cartridges
  • Integrated Digital Temperature Display and Controls
  • Pneumatically Assisted
  • Dispensing – 2.1 cfm (Spray)/4.2 cfm (Extrusion)
  • Weight – 3 lb 12 oz
  • Designed for PUR and Other Thermoset Hot Melt adhesive in Cartridge form
  • Included Wire Stand or may be used with optional Work Station or Tool Stand
  • Uses 8.5" length Cartridges
Old Part # PA-00-H208200D
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