Get Powered Up: Butane vs. Battery Powered Hot Glue Guns

We like to provide insight into the questions that keep you up at night, so it’s only natural that we’re tackling the debate between butane vs. battery powered glue guns. Both types of guns offer unique advantages and lay claim to some of the industry’s top manufactured guns. But what if these guns went head-to-head on performance, reliability, and application?

Why Bet on Butane:

In the ring representing butane guns, we put our vote behind the Power Adhesive Gas TEC Cordless Glue Gun and the Steinel TM 6000 Cordless Butane Glue Gun. These light, portable guns heat up in three to five minutes and give you approximately 90 minutes of continuous heat. If you need adhesive on the go, simply refill your butane canisters at a local gas station or hardware store and go. No outlets, no power cords. And you can always have a spare canister in your toolkit. Both guns heat at 380°F and feature lightweight ergonomic designs. The Power Adhesive Gas TEC champions the category with a 3.7lbs per hour melt rate and a host of functional accessories, from nozzle spreaders and extensions to a convenient metal stand.

Unbeatable Battery Power:

While butane guns offer convenience and an edge up on energy conservation and weight, you can’t beat battery-powered guns’ dependability and more precise heat control. Duking it out in this category are our favorites: the Surebonder Pro2-60 Battery Glue Gun and the Surebonder Hybrid-120 Battery Powered Cordless Glue Gun. The Surebonder Pro2-60 packs the most punch per dollar. This inexpensive, highly efficient glue gun works off Ryobi’s 18 V Lithium One batteries for up to an hour of run time. If you’re more apt to bet on bells and whistles, go for the Surebonder Hybrid-120. The Hybrid 120 offers the same, reliable output you’d expect from both Surebonder guns, with a 1.5lbs to 3lbs per hour melt rate and heat ranging to 380°F, but goes the extra mile in versatility and usability. To ensure you can complete any project, anywhere, the battery-powered gun also comes with an AC power cord that will keep you melting even after your batteries have tapped out.

Whether you’re pulling dents, sealing cartons, hanging Christmas lights or templating, these guns have got your back. It’s a close match between these exceptional appliances but they’ll all help you work like a champ.

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Surebonder AC & Battery Power Hybrid-120 Glue Gun

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