Surebonder Pro 100 Cartridge Glue Gun Review

Surebonder PRO100 Cartridge Gun Review

The Surebonder Pro 100 Cartridge Glue Gun is a handy little tool when it comes to dispensing pressure sensitive adhesives.  Surebonder offers AT-10154 Gummy Glue and AT-4930 Aggressive Pressure Sensitive in these cartridges. The Pro 100 from Surebonder operates in either it's low temp or high temp setting. The most popular applications for Surebonder Pro 100 glue gun are marketing application and golf club weighting. Not exactly two peas in a pod, but both applications work extremely well with the Pro 100. has specially designed cartridges for golf club weighting, give us a call for more information 855-437-7700.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Dual Temperature
  • Power Switch


  • Not the best option for high volume applications. After you finish a cartridge you will have to wait till the new cartridge is properly heated before using the gun again. Bottom Line

 This is a great glue gun for the price. We have many customers that are very pleased with it, but every once and awhile we find that melt rate doesn't quite cut it. Higher volume applications may require a different applicator or system. Not sure if the Surebonder Pro 100 glue gun will work for your application, give us a call 855-437-7700.

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PRO100 Specifications

Pro 100 Glue Gun Specifications

  • Watts: 80 Watts
  • Operating Temperature: 250 °F & 325 °F
  • Ball Check Valve
  • Aluminum Cartridges


A glue gun perfect for your marketing applications or golf club weighting!

PRO100 Accessories

Pro 100 Glue Gun Accessories

Comparable Printers to the PRO100

Aren't a fan of Surebonder's Pro 100 Cartridge Gun?

We recommend you check out 3M Polygun LT with gummy glue for marketing applications.  If you are looking to dispense PSA  you can also consider Glue Machinery Champ 3 or Astro Packaging LS10 Bulk Hot Melt System.

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