3M Removable Gummy Glue - 3798LM
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3M Removable Gummy Glue - 3798LM

3M Removable Gummy Glue - 3798LM

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Stick Size: 5/8" x 2" TC Glue Sticks - 11lbs

SKU: 021200-41604


3M 3798LM is a removable 'gummy' glue which is applied in a low temperature 3M LT glue gun for applications where the adhesive can be safely removed from surfaces like paper, cardboard, plastic and metal without damaging the surface or leaving an oily residue. The 3M 3798LM is a very unique product from 3M and one of our best selling glue sticks.

3M UPC (TC) 00021200416040   

3M ID (TC) 62379898307 

Also available in a 1.1lb Sample Pack.

Matching Your 3M Glue Stick to the Correct 3M Glue Gun

3M TC Size (5/8" X 2") Glue Sticks Fit:


3M 3798LM TC Glue Stick Specs

  • Works with:3M LT Glue Gun
  • Open Time: 30 Seconds
  • Color: Light Yellow
  • Heat Resistance: 120F
  • Bonds to: Plastic, Metal, Wood, Paper, Cardboard
  • Chemical Base: EVA



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