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Infinity Spray 770 Industrial Spray Adhesive is Portable Canister

Best Glue For Large Surface Areas: Infinity Spray 770 Industrial Spray Adhesive in Portable Canister

Use Infinity Spray 770 for applications where large surface areas need to be covered like panel bonding, ductwork insulation, furniture assembly, and more. Infinity Spray 770 has a very low soak in rate and offers a fast tack.

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Infinity Bond Super TAC 44 All Temperature Glue Sticks

Best Hot Melt Glue Stick for Foam: Infinity SuperTAC 44 All Temperature Glue Sticks

Infinity SuperTAC 44 can be applied at a wide temperature range, making it a great glue stick for heat sensitive substrates (fabric, paper, foam) at lower temperatures. On the other hand, if you have an application that requires a longer open time, it can be applied at a higher temperature giving you additional time to adjust materials being bonded.

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Infinity Bond SprayMelt 70

Best Sprayable Glue Stick for Foam: Infinity Bond SprayMelt 70 APAO Hot Melt Glue Sticks

The Infinity Bond SprayMelt 70 APAO adhesive is optimized for both bead and spray dispensing. Swirl/spray hot melt glue sticks help reduce the overall temperature of the adhesive eliminating heat sensitive foam degradation. You will need a glue gun with swirl spray capabilities to dispense this hot melt.

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Infinity Bond SprayMAX 15 Hot Melt Glue Gun

Best Spray Hot Melt Glue Gun: Infinity Bond SprayMAX 15 Hot Melt Spray Glue Gun

The Infinity Bond SprayMAX 15 Hot Melt Glue Gun delivers the power, speed, and control you are looking for in an industrial hot melt gun. It boasts a powerful 500 watts (120 volts) with adjustable air pressure to control the width of the spray pattern. The powerful motor easily feeds the glue stick for high adhesive output and low operator fatigue.

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Common Questions About Best Glue for Foam

Low to Mid Volume 

If you run low to mid volume foam bonding, you can use a standard glue gun and glue sticks. Make sure you choose glue sticks which can be applied at cooler temperatures, so you don't melt the foam. You'll also need to use a glue gun which can be run at variable temperatures (high and low heat)

Bulk Volume

For higher volume projects, we recommend spray gun application of hot melt glue. Spray application guns include a hose connected to a compressed air tank. The air is forced out as the glue is dispensed from the glue gun. This combination of air and hot melt "sprays" the hot melt onto your substrate. Spray hot melt application is great for foam bonding because it reduces the likelihood of melting the foam. 

There are a few things to consider when selecting an adhesive for your foam application: 

  1. Surfaces being bonded
    • Will you be bonding foam to foam, corrugated carboard, or wood? 
    • Will you be bonding foam to a slick material like metal or plastic? 
  2. Volume and application
    • Lower volume and standard applications allow you to use a general hot melt and glue gun
    • Step intoo industrial glue guns (with high performance hot melt glue & glue gun) if you are concerned about temperature changes during transport. 
    • Save money on glue in the long term with bulk hot melt (just make sure you buy a bulk hot melt system to dispense the glue).
  3. Open time
    • How long do you need the bonding glue to remain "workable" before the glue sets?
  4. Temperature
    • Certain foam is heat sensitive and will melt when hot melt glue is applied. You may need to look at a lower temperature hot melt and low temperature glue gun. Or, you can consider a hot melt spray application. 
    • Not only do you need to be aware of the temperature/application method to protect the foam, but you also need to consider the temperature ranges the product will experience during transport. (A travel trailer can get awfully hot in the summer and artic cold in the winter.)

Some foam materials are sensitive to heat and will melt when hot melt glue is applied. Spray adhesives are an excellent choice when working with sensitive substrates. Spray adhesives are also a great option when you need to cover a large surface area.

Using a too-hot adhesive on foam substrates is more likely to lead to a sticky mess than a suitable bond. If you're using foam in your packaging materials, you'll want to choose a lower temperature hot melt adhesive. While many hot melt adhesives are applied at temperatures of up to 400F degrees, there is a range of lower-temperature hot melt adhesives that are designed to be applied at a lower temperature. Using a lower temperature hot melt that is designed for foam will help you avoid many issues related to melting.