Foam Bonding Glue Gun Basics

Foam Bonding Glue Gun Basics

We have experienced an increase in questions relating to foam adhesives — specifically, "what type of hot melt and glue gun work best to secure foam as a cushion during shipping?"

There has been a rise in the craftsman/ craftswoman niche shops popping up across the United States in recent years. These “artists” create products with a story, and they are finding an audience with consumers who are continually moving away from purchasing off-the-rack goods from large box retailers. Their consumers appreciate the small batch nature of products created with care and authenticity — like a fine oak barrel whiskey—and a product that will add to the consumer’s own personal brand.

As such, it is of the utmost importance that these packaged goods get to their brand zealots safely and meticulously. Companies are realizing that the packaging style and “unboxing” of these craft goods is an important part of the product experience.

Foam cushioning provides protection & security to your goods during shipping. For added effect, foam bonding (securing multiple pieces of foam together with hot melt adhesive glue guns) takes that security to the next level. Check out our full collection of foam bonding adhesives. 

Considerations for Foam Bonding

There are a few things to consider when selecting a hot melt adhesive & glue gun for your shipment needs.

  1. Surfaces being bonded
    1. will you be bonding foam to foam, corrugated cardboard, or wood?
    2. or, will you be bonding foam to a slick material like metal or plastic?
  2. Volume & Application
    1. lower volume & standard applications allow you to use a general hot melt and glue gun.
    2. step into industrial glue guns (with high performance hot melt glue & glue gun) if you are concerned about temperature changes during transport)
    3. save money on glue in the long term with bulk hot melt (just make sure you buy a bulk hot melt system to dispense the glue)
  3. Open time :: how long do you need the bonding glue to remain “workable” before the glue sets?
  4. Temperature
    1. certain foam is heat sensitive and will melt when hot melt glue is applied. You may need to look at a low temperature hot melt and low temperature glue gun. Or, you can consider a hot melt spray application.
    2. Not only do you need to be aware of the temperature/application method to protect the foam, but you also need to consider the temperature ranges the product will experience during transport. (A travel trailer can get awfully hot in the summer and arctic cold in the winter).

Low-Mid Volume Foam Bonding Options

If you run low to mid volume foam bonding, you can use a standard glue gun and glue sticks. Make sure you choose glue sticks which can be applied at cooler temperatures, so you don’t melt the foam. You’ll also need to use a glue gun which can be run at variable temperatures (high and low heat).

Infinity SuperTAC 44 Aggressive All Temperature Hot Melt Glue Stick

Infinity SuperTAC 44 can be applied at a wide temperature range, making it a great glue stick for heat sensitive substrates (fabric, paper, foam) at lower temperatures. On the other hand, if you have an application that requires a longer open time, it can be applied at a higher temperature giving you additional time to adjust materials being bonded.

The Surebonder 725 All Temp Glue is a general purpose hot melt that can be applied with a low temperature, high temperature or dual temperature hot melt glue gun. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit glue guns from numerous manufactures.

“These glue sticks work perfectly for building shipping boxes and adhering polyethylene cushioning strips on the inside.” Don C. Verified Buyer

Pro2 220 Adjustable Temp Hot Melt Glue Gun 

Pair the hot melt glue with the Pro2 220 Adjustable Temp Hot Melt Glue Gun. This is the Editor’s Choice Combo for Low-Mid Volume Foam Packaging. While this glue and glue gun may look like the hobby tools you find at the local craft store, to the untrained eye, think again. The Surebonder PRO2 220 Adjustable Temp Hot Melt Gun and Infinity SuperTAC 44 glue sticks are a work horse combo.

Bulk Volume Foam Packaging

For higher volume projects, we recommend spray gun application of hot melt glue. Spray application guns include a hose connected to a compressed air tank. The air is forced out as the glue is dispensed from the glue gun. This combination of air and hot melt “sprays” the hot melt onto your substrate.

Spray hot melt application is great for foam bonding because it reduces the likelihood of melting the foam. Check out our video to see it in action.

The TEC 6300 Pneumatic Spray Hot Melt Gun is the editor’s choice industrial hot glue gun to spray hot melt for moderate and higher volume foam bonding applications. The TEC 6300 pneumatic industrial spray hot glue gun was designed to apply hot melt to heat sensitive substrates without causing any damage. The dispensing pattern on the TEC 6300 can be changed from a wide to narrow spray pattern depending on what the application calls for and a variety of nozzles are available to customize your application of the hot melt.

For hot melt, we recommend the TEC Bond 425 Sprayable Hot Melt. It is a general purpose, sprayable hot melt that has a long open time—giving you ample time to set your substrates. It is ideal for heat sensitive materials and uniformly covering large surface areas.

“The product works very well and gun is very efficient.” - Verified buyer


Let us help identify the best hot melt adhesive and glue gun combination to meet your unique needs.

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