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Surebonder PRO2-220 Glue Gun

Product Highlights

  • Surebonder
Gun Type:
  • Industrial
Stick Size:
  • 1/2" Glue Sticks
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Low Temperature
Size: 1/2" Glue Sticks

Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA

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About the Surebonder PRO2-220 Hot Glue Gun

The Surebonder PRO2-220 hot glue gun is a powerful, mid-duty hot melt applicator. It offers great nozzle options and most impressive, easy adjustable temperature control. This allows you to use both low temperature and standard temperature glue sticks as well as the ability to adjust the adhesive viscosity (thickness). The PRO2-220 is a best seller and a good option for medium to high volume applications or those just looking for a better hot glue gun. 

Output & Performance

At 5 lbs per hour, the PRO2-220 can handle most mid volume applications. Commonly, used in packaging and product assembly applications. The adjustable temperature is what really sets the PRO2-220 hot glue gun apart from the rest. 

Features We Love

An adjustable temperature control and stainless steel heater top off a strong feature set while its available nozzle options make the PRO2-220 an all around winner for many applications.

Bottom Line

The PRO2-220 glue gun is a best seller on We find our selves recommending this dynamic 1/2" glue gun all the time. Surebonder's PRO2-220 offers excellent features at a economic price, making it perfect for many different applications.

Glue Gun Review

Surebonder PRO2-220 Hot Glue Gun Specifications

  • Stick Size: 1/2"
  • Watts: 220 Watts
  • Output: 5 lbs/hr
  • Operating Temperature: 248°F to 428°F
  • Weight: 2.36 lbs
  • Lighted on/off Switch
  • Stroke Adjustment Screw
  • Plastic Carrying Case


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Surebonder PRO2-220 Glue Gun

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Surebonder PRO2-220 Glue Gun

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Surebonder PRO2-220 Glue Gun

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