Infinity Melt Tough Guy Glue Sticks
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Infinity Melt Tough Guy Glue Sticks

Infinity Melt Tough Guy Glue Sticks

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Tough Guy glue sticks were formulated to bond the most difficult substrates like plastic, glass and metal. This very special glue stick will also give extra strength to porous substrates like wood and fabric.

Excellent heat resistance and low temperature flexibility are just a couple of the attributes that make this glue stick truly "Tough". 


Perfect for product assembly, woodworking and bonding applications where all other glue sticks have failed. Check out the 1lb sample pack of Tough Guy glue sticks so you can try them out before purchasing a whole case.

  • Product Assembly
  • Plastic Bonding
  • Woodworking
  • Metal & Glass Assembly & Repair


  • Power TEC 820
  • Surebonder 9700A
  • Ad Tech MT500 (for 5/8" Sticks)

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