Power TEC Bond 7718 Polyamide Glue Sticks
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Power TEC Bond 7718 Polyamide Glue Sticks

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SKU: 7718-12-250-BKP-PK10-TEC


The TEC Bond 7718 Polyamide glue sticks are our most popular polyamide hot melt. The 7718 has a short open time and low viscosity combined with high heat resistance. Not only does this polyamide have high heat resistance, but it is excellent for bonding difficult substrates.  The characteristics of 7718 make it an excellent candidate for electrical potting and knot filling and woodworking. The 7718 comes in a variety of colors to match your specific application.
We find the most popular use of TEC 7718 to be electrical potting applications, knot filling and hardwood floor repair.
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TEC Bond 7718 Specs

  • Color: Mulitiple Options
  • Suggested Application Temp: 350-420ºF
  • Brookfield Viscosity: 1000@ 350ºF
  • Softening Point: 320ºF
  • Heat Resistance: 275ºF
  • Open Time: Short
  • Low Temperature Flexibility: 14ºF
  • Adhesive Type: Polyamide Hot Melt

Quantity Breakdown

  • 1/2" x 10" 5.5 LB Package = Approx 99 Glue Sticks
  • 1/2" x 10" Ten 10 Stick Packages = 100 Glue Sticks
  • 1/2" x 10" 1 10 Stick Packages = 10 Glue Sticks


TEC Bond 7718 TDS & MSDS Sheet


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