Gummy Glue Adhesive Cartridge Replacements by Infinity Bond


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Product Highlights

  • Type: Hot Glue Sticks
  • Brand: Infinity Bond
  • Glue Compatibility: 50 Gram Cartridges
  • Set Speed: Pressure Sensitive
  • Bonds: Cardboard, General, Plastic, General Purpose
  • Properties: Gummy Glue
  • Application: Hobby and Crafts, POP Display, Product Assembly

About the Gummy Glue Adhesive Cartridges from Infinity Bond

These gummy glue adhesive cartridges from Infinity Bond are for use with the Infinity Bond Gummy Glue kit. These 50 gram adhesive cartridges will dispense a high performance gummy glue adhesive that provides a temporary bond to a wide range of substrates. After adhering two items, the substrates can be removed without damaging even sensitive surfaces like paper or cardboard. 

One cartridge produces approximately 50 linear feet of adhesive.

Works With

Available In:

  • Single Cartridge
  • 3 Pack of Cartridges
  • 10 Pack of Cartridges

How the Gummy Glue Kit Works

This gummy glue system is easy to use for both consumer and industrial applications alike. Simply insert the gummy glue cartridge into the gun and connect the gun to the heating station (included with kit). A lighted LED on the back of the station will turn from red to green letting you know the cartridge is ready to dispense. Remove the gun from the station and you're ready to go. The gun will need to be reheated every 10-15 minutes for optimal performance. 


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