3M Polygun PG II Glue Gun Review

3M Polygun PG II Glue Gun Review

The 3M Polygun PG II is one of our best selling pneumatic glue guns for high volume or industrial use. Today we’re going to review what has allowed the PG II to stand the test of time and remain one of the most popular pneumatic glue guns on the market for so many years.

Polygun PG II Overview

The 3M Polygun PG II is pneumatic. This means it uses air assistance to dispensing hot melt making it virtually effortless for the user. It uses larger glue sticks (1” X 3” PG) allowing for higher volume dispensing of 7.5 pounds per hour. It is available in both standard temperature and low temperature versions but cannot be adjusted like some other pneumatic guns.

The standard operating temperature of the PG II is 385 Degrees F (196 C) and it has 500 watts of power. There are a wide range of adhesives (from both 3M and other manufacturers) available in the 1” X 3” PG size which allows this glue gun to be used almost any type of application.

Our Favorite Features

What we really like about the 3M PG II is how well made and balanced the gun is. It feels lighter than its 4.3 lb frame and is easy to hold and adjust. It also comes with an optional bench mount kit and foot pedal which is perfect for freeing up both hands and allowing for truly effortless dispensing.

We also like that spare parts for the PG II are readily available so if something does break, it doesn’t mean you have to scrap the gun and purchase a new one.

What We Don’t Like

There’s not much to complain about when it comes to the PG II glue gun but we’ll try. It would be nice if the temperature was adjustable to fine tune dispensing. It is also at the higher end of the price spectrum but we’ve found that the cost of ownership ends up being lower because of the average life span.

Polygun II Pneumatic Glue Gun Specifications

  • Stick Size: 1" X 3" Q
  • Output: 6.0 lbs/hr
  • Standard Operating Temperature: 385°F
  • Low Temp Operating Temperature: 265°F
  • Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Continuous Dispensing
  • 5 minute warm-up time

3M Polygun II Glue Gun Nozzles

3M Polygun II Glue Gun Accessories

  • Magazine Feeder
  • Bench Mount
  • Foot Pedal
  • Heavy Duty Benchstand
  • Pneumatic Timer

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