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Power Adhesives has been developing hot melt adhesives and hot glue guns for over 40 years. Their products are the best around, and they pride themselves on creating tools that are for both personal and commercial use. Regardless of your industry, Power Adhesives has an option that is perfectly suited to your needs.

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Whether you need a glue gun for packaging or product assembly, portable or pneumatic, Power Adhesives has got you covered. The brand even offers a unique solution for overmolding your products. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most popular hot melt guns from this industry-leading company.

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B-TEC 807

The B-TEC 807 is completely portable because it is powered by a rechargeable battery. With no power cords, users are free to work anywhere. Portability makes the B-TEC 807 ideal for use in many industries, such as attaching cables and wiring for security and telephone installation in the telecommunications industry or securing under-floor electric heating elements in place in the construction industry.

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This gun has been designed for use with the readily available Ryobi 18V batteries. This battery can be recharged in just 60 minutes, so keeping your gun charged and ready to go is easy. Faster charge time also means less downtime. Plus, the battery features an onboard gauge, so you’ll always know how much charge is remaining.

The full-length adjustable trigger, soft grip, and narrow profile result in less fatigue and more control, making the B-TEC 807 comfortable to use. It has also been designed with an extension nozzle that comes standard, making it easier to apply glue precisely where you need it. The B-TEC 807 accepts 12mm (½”) glue sticks.

The B-TEC 807 will reach operating temperature in only three minutes. This means it won’t drain the battery while it’s heating up. You can purchase the B-TEC 807 in a kit that comes with a single Ryobi 18V battery, battery charger, and a plastic carrying case. However, if you already have the batteries, the gun can also be purchased by itself—with or without a case. Battery and charger sets are available for purchase as well.

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If you’re looking for portability but don’t quite need an industrial option like the B-TEC 807, look no further than the Gas-TEC 600. The Gas-TEC 600 is a compact butane-powered hot melt glue gun. This standard 12mm (1/2”) glue gun has no cords or batteries. Instead, it runs on LEC (liquid energy cell) cartridges. The Gas-TEC 600 comes with two empty LEC cartridges. These cartridges can be refilled using a standard butane cylinder. Cartridges take about 15 seconds and last approximately one-and-a-half hours. Simply turn the gas wheel and push the piezo ignitor button, and the gun heats up in five minutes.

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TEC 806-12

The new TEC 806-12 boasts the same quality, reliability, and affordability as its predecessor— the TEC 805-12. However, the 806 model includes some useful upgrades. These new features include an increased comfort soft-grip handle, increased eco melt chamber efficiency, and a longer power cord. Another new upgrade is the addition of protective moldings around the illuminated power switch to prevent accidental operation.

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The heater housing has also been improved, making it easier to use for extended periods. The new design ensures optimum safety and comfort with a new soft grip. The new model also features an adjustable trigger, which allows you to customize it to meet your needs.

The TEC 806-12 also includes a sturdy base, so it can stand up between uses without any risk of the glue melting back. Plus, the narrow profile increases visibility to ensure that adhesive can be accurately applied where you need it. The easy-to-clean nozzle shroud allows any dried glue to be wiped off to keep your gun in good condition

With a fast heat-up time of only three minutes or less, it is ready for use almost immediately. The new TEC 806-12 features a self-regulating heater, so it can operate on any voltage from 110V to 240V. This low-cost, medium-sized industrial 12mm (½”) glue gun is ideal for packaging, woodworking, or product assembly.

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TEC 3400

The TEC 3400 uses all-new Ecotec intelligent technology, together with removable plug-in modules. It offers improved precision, greater flexibility, and better control compared to earlier analog controllers.

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This new digital controller is far more efficient at maintaining tool temperature and responding to demands. This technology reduces the effort required for operation, making the tool easier to use and reducing fatigue while also decreasing tool wear. This translates to increased speed and decreased work time with less maintenance and longer service life.

The gun can detect when the trigger is pulled frequently and will boost the power to the heater in response to this increased demand. By doing this, the gun ensures that the adhesive is applied at the optimal temperature.

The microcontroller also detects periods of non-use and gradually reduces the temperature. After two hours of not being used, the gun automatically turns off. A pull of the trigger resets the tool and reverts to the set temperature. This feature not only saves energy, it also improves reliability and is an important safety feature.

The controller also features a protection circuit which will detect various fault conditions and indicate these with a rapidly flashing indicator. If a fault occurs, the tool will automatically shut down, preventing damage to the tool and potential injury to the user.

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TEC 4500

The TEC 4500 is a lightweight, ergonomically designed pneumatic glue gun. Key features include a melt chamber that allows the use of adhesives in granular form, pillows, or 43mm (1¾”) slugs. The pre-set thermostat allows the TEC 4500 to use multiple adhesives, including pressure sensitive adhesives. Designed for reliability, comfort, and versatility, this gun gives the user the option to apply adhesives in bead, dot, or spray form.

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The melt chamber is the real star of the TEC 4500. It has been designed to take both bulk and shaped adhesive slugs. The simple twist action lock allows for one-handed loading of the glue tank. Other features include a reduced warm-up time and a detachable stand. Keep in mind, this is a pneumatic gun. This means you will need an air compressor to use the TEC 4500.

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TEC 6100 and TEC 6300

The TEC 6100 is a pneumatic extrusion glue gun that is ideal for industrial and high-volume uses. This glue gun uses 1 3/4" (43mm) hot melt glue slugs. Featuring a single 500-watt heater and a 10-minute warm-up time, this gun is perfect for a variety of applications ranging from packaging to product assembly and manufacturing. The TEC 6100 is also available in a spray version, the TEC 6300.

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TEC 7100

The TEC 7100 is a self-contained pneumatic extrusion glue gun. This tool features a built-in speed loader, which holds an additional two 43mm (1¾”) glue cartridges in reserve. This speed loader allows the user to reload while continuing to use the tool. This gun uses dual 500-watt cartridge heaters and heats up in five minutes with one of the 500-watt cartridge heaters. Pulling the trigger activates the second 500-watt heater to ensure a consistent temperature.

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TEC 7300

The TEC 7300 spray system can cover areas of up to 21 square feet with one cartridge and is suitable for use on heat-sensitive materials, such as expanded polystyrene, plastic films, and foams. Interchangeable spray nozzle assemblies offer a variety of options to change spray patterns from wide to narrow. The spray pattern can be adjusted with the spray control knob on the rear of the gun.

This tool also features a built-in speed loader that holds two extra 43mm (1¾”) glue cartridges. Like the TEC 7100, the 7300 uses two 500-watt cartridge heaters. The tool heats up in 10 minutes with one of the 500-watt heaters, and, when the trigger is pulled, the second heater ensures the adhesive will be dispensed at a consistent temperature.

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Overtec 820-15

The Overtec 820-15 is a heavy-duty, medium-sized 15mm (⅝″) glue gun. Features include an adjustable temperature, fast recovery, medium output, two-minute warm-up time, and lighted on/off switch. This gun is designed specifically for use in the Overtec molding system.

The Overtec system is a low-pressure molding process that uses a special thermoplastic resin to produce high-quality sealing and protection of components. This system is faster and cheaper than injection molding.

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This innovative process falls somewhere between casting and injection molding. The Overtec system uses a low injection pressure that allows fragile and delicate components to be encased and protected without risk of damage.

The Overtec molding system eliminates the need for traditional housings and casings used in potting. It also does not require the heat curing process, which saves on energy costs. There is no need for two-part resins, meaning no mixing and no wasting of materials. Reduced consumption of energy and materials means lower cost to the user.

The system uses an environmentally friendly high-performance molding resin, Overtec 5 FR, that is made primarily of renewable materials and is solvent free. Overtec 5 FR does not require mixing, saving time and reducing waste. The resin has no shelf-life limitations. This material offers water-tight encapsulation, chemical resistance, and excellent temperature resistance.

Molds can be made from aluminum, which is easy to mill. It also has good thermal conductivity, making it the ideal material to make the mold sets out of. Molds made of aluminum usually have a long lifespan, aided further by the lack of abrasive or corrosive ingredients within Overtec 5 FR. These molds cool the component quickly and allow easy release of the molded pieces when the process is complete.

OVERTEC 820-15

The most popular applications for the Overtec molding system include PCB overmolding, electronic component encapsulation, automotive electronics, connector potting, grommet injection, molded connectors, and many others. In many cases, the molding can provide strain relief and protect the component against environmental conditions.

How does it work? The process is simple. Load an Overtec 5 FR resin stick into the Overtec 820-15, power it on, and wait for it to heat up to operating temperature. Once the gun is heated, place the nozzle of the gun inside the hole in the mold. Fill the mold applying consistent pressure. When the mold is full, you will feel resistance in the trigger pull. Keep pressure on the trigger for a few seconds to prevent shrinkage. The resin will cool and set within a few seconds. At this point, the mold can be opened and the overmolded components can be removed. Release sprays can be used to aid in part-removal if desired.


Power Adhesives is a world leader in hot melt adhesive solutions. They have devoted a great deal of time in developing tools and adhesives to meet nearly any industry need. Whether you need portability or the ability to place large amounts of adhesive quickly and precisely, there’s a Power Adhesives product that’s right for you.

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