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Surebonder’s professional line of industrial glue guns is designed with the user in mind to help you tackle even the biggest projects. No matter what industry you work in, Surebonder has a glue gun and adhesive that is well-suited to your specific needs. From electronics to woodworking or from packaging to carpet installation and more, Surebonder has you covered no matter what type of work you do.

The Surebonder Professional line has everything you could need, from a 60-watt cordless glue gun all the way up to a 500-watt motorized hot melt spray gun. Surebonder glue guns provide exceptional results at competitive prices. Here are just a few of our favorite Surebonder industrial electric glue guns.


The Surebonder Hybrid-120 may be one of the most interesting and versatile hot glue guns currently on the market. It is a 120-watt heavy-duty full-size glue gun that can be plugged in just as you would any regular hot glue gun. However, the Hybrid-120 can also be run on an 18-volt Ryobi lithium-ion battery.

This glue gun uses 7/16”full-size glue sticks. The gun weighs 1.5 pounds without a battery and is said to run up to one hour on a Ryobi P102 battery or up to four hours on a P108 battery. Running at 380 degrees Fahrenheit, the Hybrid-120 is a high-temperature glue gun. Interchangeable nozzles are also available, making this glue gun more versatile than just about any other on the market.


The Surebonder Spray-500 is a 500-watt workhorse that takes 5/8” hot melt glue sticks. The Spray-500 has a few notable features that make it stand out from the crowd. Unlike conventional hot melt glue guns that use the trigger as a lever to push the glue stick into the gun, the Spray-500 is motorized. This greatly reduces operator fatigue. The other interesting feature of this particular model is that it does not only spray hot glue, it can also be used to dispense glue in bead form.



The MGG-500 is the close cousin of the Spray-500. The MGG-500 is also 500-watts with the same motorized feed. However, the MGG-500 does not require an air compressor. It also does not have the ability to spray. This gun has a maximum output of 8.4 pounds of hot melt per hour, making it ideal for large projects that require a lot of adhesive.


If you like the idea of the Hybrid-120 but think that it may be more than you need, you will want to check out the Surebonder PRO2-60. The PRO2-60 is completely cordless and runs on Ryobi lithium-ion batteries. With a price point of about $40 without the battery, it is significantly more affordable than the Hybrid-120.

If you already have Ryobi cordless tools, adding this hot glue gun to your toolbox is worth it even if you only use it occasionally. The PRO2-60 is a 60-watt hot melt gun that uses 7/16” full-size glue sticks. Surebonder lists the same runtimes as the Hybrid-120: one hour on a P102 battery and four hours on a P108 battery.



The PRO100 is not your average hot melt glue gun. It is a specialty cartridge gun that more closely resembles a caulking gun than a hot glue gun. The Surebonder PRO100 is a two-part system. The gun itself does not plug in. Instead, it has a special stand that heats the cartridge. The downside is that the cartridge will cool during use and need to be placed back into the warmer.

If you are doing a high volume of work, you might want to consider investing in two PRO100 systems so that one is always at the ready to minimize downtime. The PRO100 can be used to apply either a credit card glue using cartridge AT-10154, or the AT-4930 general purpose pressure sensitive adhesive.


These are only a few of the products Surebonder offers in its industrial line of hot glue guns. It also offers guns of varying wattages and even some that are adjustable. With something to suit everyone’s needs regardless of the project at hand or the industry worked in, it is no wonder that Surebonder is a leading supplier of industrial electric glue guns.


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