3M New Structural Acrylic Adhesives

We had the privileged of getting a first class demonstration and overview from our 3M representative. We are thrilled with their most recent product launch of their new acrylic adhesives. Meet DP8405NS, DP8410NS, DP8805NS & DP8810NS these acrylic adhesives were formulated to enhance performance and productivity. 

Why Use 3M Acrylic Adhesives?

No refrigeration need and it has a 18 month shelf life

  • Making the 3M acrylics easier to store, reduce scrape &  disposal cost of expired products
Higher impact resistance
  • Get over three times the impact strength of conventional acrylic adhesives when using DP8405NS
Faster Cure
  • The DP8805NS cures about twice as fast as competitors acrylic adhesives
Lower Odor
  • The 8800 family of acrylic adhesives are very low odor (trust us we smelled them!), non-flammable formulation that your employees are sure to appreciate. (DP8805NS & DP8810NS)

3M acrylic adhesives are ideal for numerous applications due their enhanced performance. The faster set times, higher impact resistance and performance features will help improve your products and production.

Common Applications

  • Trim attachment
  • Panel to frame bonding
  • Letter bonding
  • Seam sealing
  • Frame assembly
  • Composite cab assembly
  • Frame assembly
  • Floor panel bonding
  • Exterior panel bonding
  • Roof bonding
  • Metal skin to metal frame
  • Stiffener to panel
  • Side wall panel attachment to frame
  • Floor panel and drain pan to frame

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