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An Overview of Acrylic Hot Glue Sticks

Acrylic glue sticks differ from traditional EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) hot melt in a number of ways. They are both available in glue stick form but perform differently. Acrylic glue sticks are a little more expensive than the basic clear general purpose.  However, acrylic glue sticks offer higher strength and flexibility, which is a major advantage over general purpose EVA glue sticks.

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 EVA Hot Melt Characteristics Acrylic Hot Melt Characteristics
EVA hot melts are the most commonly found glue stick. These formulations can change pretty dramatically but most general purpose, woodworking and packaging glue sticks are EVA formulas. They offer low cost and good working performance. Acrylic glue sticks tend to offer stronger, more flexible bonds than EVA hot melt. They are often used in hard to bond projects like carpet tacking & hardwood floor installation and also when working with difficult substrates like metal, glass and plastic. Acrylic glue sticks also offer superior flexibility and shock resistance, good for adhering moving parts.

What substrates can be bonded with Acrylic glue sticks?

Metals, Concrete, Ceramics, Plastics, Woods, Foil, Vinyl, Rubber, Stone, Tile, Melamine, Coated Papers, Fabric and more

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