Surebonder 925 Acrylic Glue Sticks


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Product Highlights

  • Type: Hot Glue Sticks
  • Brand: Surebonder
  • Adhesive Temperature: High Temperature
  • Glue Compatibility: 1/2" Glue Sticks
  • Set Speed: Medium
  • Bonds: Ceramic, General, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Cardboard, Cement, General Purpose, Wood
  • Properties: Flexible
  • Application: Flooring, Product Assembly

About Surebonder 925 Glue Sticks

Surebonder 925 is an Acrylic glue stick specially formulated to provide very strong bonds to difficult surfaces. The Surebonder 925 can be used during carpet installation for adhering tack strips to cement, ceramic or wood. It is also an excellent option for many plastics and glass. 

This acrylic hot melt has a 60-80 second working time and average viscosity. 

Additional Information

  • Color: Clear
  • Suggested Application Temp: 375F
  • Viscosity: 15,375 @ 375F
  • Softening Point: 165F
  • Open Time: 60-80 Seconds
  • Adhesive Type: Acrylic

Surebonder 925 Glue Stick Quantity Per Case

  • 1/2" x 10" Glue Sticks 25 LB Box = Approx 450 Glue Sticks

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