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The construction industry is currently one of the largest markets for industrial adhesives, applicators, and accessories around the world. There is a plethora of construction applications that utilize industrial strength adhesives. These include flooring installation (like carpet and ceramic tile), drywall lamination, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC systems), roofing, and manufactured housing, just to name a few. An industry with so many needs requires a wide variety of dependable products from the most trusted names in the business, which you can now find at We have partnered with world-renowned brands like Infinity Bond, Adhesives Systems Inc., Power Adhesives, 3M, AdTech, and Surebonder to offer the most versatile and reliable construction products available on the market. Let’s take a look at some select products that are perfect for construction applications. 

Infinity Melt Awesome Acrylic Glue Sticks

Infinity Melt’s Awesome Acrylic Glue Sticks are perfect for the construction industry. They provide a superior bond that works on difficult substrate surfaces like concrete, glass, and plastic. Because of their industrial strength and reliability, these ½ ” glue sticks are often used to replace nails in projects like flooring installation and carpet tacking. They are also ideal for applications involved in woodworking and larger construction projects. Their ½ ” universal size allows them to fit to almost any glue gun, and despite their quality and durability, they are available at an exceptionally low price at

Cox 80400 Battery Powered 400mL Multi Ratio Cartridge Gun

The Cox 80400 Battery Powered 400mL Multi Ratio Cartridge Gun offers the power of a pneumatic glue gun but with the freedom of a cordless unit. This makes the Cox 80400 perfect for construction sites and projects that don’t provide immediate access to electrical power outlets. Its 400mL cartridge also means you don’t have to spend extra time replacing a larger number of low-quantity glue sticks. The 80400 features a variable speed control, so you can administer a precise amount of adhesive with every use. It also allows for a maximum force of 745lb and is available in 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1 cartridge ratios. This kit includes a battery charger and a one-hour fast charge battery.

ASI MP 54420 High Performance Epoxy

The MP 54420 High Performance Epoxy from Adhesive Systems Inc. is a two-part acrylic/epoxy adhesive that was designed specifically for bonding metals and plastics. It is formulated specifically for 2A:1B volume mix ratio and for use in side-by-side dispensing cartridges and meter/mix dispensing equipment. MP 54420 features controlled flow characteristics that allows it to wet well to most surfaces without dripping or running, and forms a tough, somewhat rigid material after curing at room temperature for 6-12 hours. Applying heat can accelerate the curing process, while cooler temperatures will cause it to take longer. The durability of MP 54420 provides excellent vibration and impact resistance for construction projects, and this adhesive is also resistant to water, inorganic acids and bases, and most organic solvents.

Power Adhesives Gas TEC 600 Cordless Glue Gun

The Gas TEC 600 Cordless Glue Gun from Power Adhesives is another gun that provides the user with the freedom to move around larger projects, or to work when there is not an electrical outlet handy. It is lightweight and butane-powered, featuring a 3.7lb/hr melt rate, an operating temperature of 195˚C, and a soft feel hand trigger to increase comfort and lower the risk of user fatigue. The Gas TEC 600 includes two refillable cartridges that offer a run time of approximately 90 minutes each, and features a warm-up time of only 5 minutes, making it easy to switch out cartridges and keep going without missing a beat.

Power Adhesives Precast Concrete Manual Glue Gun & Adhesive Kit

Power Adhesives also offers a specially designed, Precast Concrete Manual Glue Gun & Adhesive Kit that is excellent for precast concrete applications. It includes the TEC 3200 Industrial Manual Glue Gun, 22 lbs of CastTEC Glue Slugs, and a Tool Box with gun holder and room for nozzles and adhesive accessories. TECTM glue guns, Tecbond® adhesives, and CastTEC are great for bonding to architectural elements like wood, foam, plastic, and mold bases. CastTec sets almost immediately and requires no primer, making it a faster process than welding, drilling, bolting, or using magnets or double-sided tape. TecBond is applied with heavy-duty glue guns in blobs, spray, or beads, and is ideal for concrete applications in tilt up concrete forms, eliminating the need to drill holes in the base for mechanical support and maintaining structural integrity.

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