Surebonder AC and Battery Powered Hybrid Glue Gun
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Dual Power Surebonder Hybird-120KitWhat makes this particular gun special enough that we are telling the whole world about it? The Dual Power Hybrid-120 KIT will feature all of the reliability, quality and precision control that make Surebonder products among the best in the industry, but at a more cost-effective rate, meaning that a first-rate glue gun is now within reach for anyone who works with adhesives on a regular basis – no matter how large or small their business.

Surebonder announced that it has also neatly solved one of the largest pain points in the market – battery usage – by adopting Ryobi brand lithium batteries. This means that customers will now enjoy Ryobi battery products' long life, affordable price points and ease of recharging, as well as the ability to swap batteries between their glue gun and other power tools that use the same format. The Dual Power Hybrid-120 KIT will also be able to be charged in a standard AC outlet (hence the moniker Dual Power) so customers never have to worry about pesky work delays due to spent batteries. (tweet this)

Surebonder is currently a market leader with such quality products as the PRO700, a lithium battery powered glue gun available now on our site. Currently, the PRO 700 sits on our Top 5 Surebonder Glue Guns, but we expect this new dual powered glue gun will make the list soon. Like the PRO700, the Dual Power Hybrid-120 KIT will feature precise control, eminent portability and best of all, no need for butane refills to continue working throughout the day.

Have you needed to replace an old glue gun, but have been waiting for the right product to hit the market? You finally have your chance to own a Surebonder – starting in late April of 2014!

To stay apprised of any new developments – and to learn the exact date that the Dual Power Hybrid-120 KIT goes live on our web site – be sure to check in with the offical blog regularly.

What is your experience with Surebonder products? Have you been waiting to replace an old gun until something like the Hybrid-120 KIT hit the market? Let us know in the comments.

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