Bulk Hot Melt For Your Application

What is Bulk Hot Melt?

Hot melt, which is often purchased in the form of glue sticks can also be purchased for bulk use in solid, gummy, liquid cube, pillow, and pellet form. These forms of bulk hot melt are dispensed with specialized bulk equipment for many industries we benefit from everyday including, cabinetry and furniture, food packaging, countertops, major appliances, shoes, mattresses, and more. 

Choosing what bulk hot melt and dispensing equipment you need can be a difficult obstacle without the right access to information and tools to make the most well-informed decision. We hope this guide can serve as a good resource for you to start exploring your options when it comes to bulk hot melt. At Gluegun.com, we are always here to give you the best professional advice, so don’t hesitate to contact us with other questions. 

Benefits of Using Bulk Hot Melt

The greatest advantage bulk hot melt offers compared to traditional hot melt glue sticks is the cost savings it offers. Bulk hot melt typically undergoes less manufacturing and packaging so you’re able to pay less per pound for the same product that is sold in an individual stick form. Additionally, the purchasing of bulk hot melt usually involves wholesale pricing, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value. 

Another valuable quality offered by bulk hot melt is versatility. Bulk hot melt is generally considered to be more a more universal adhesive compared to traditional hot melt glue sticks because it can be used in a variety of equipment, unlike glue sticks which come in precise sizes that only work with specific glue guns. 

Bulk Hot Melt For Your Application


Bulk hot melt is a favorite in the packaging industry because of its ability to be used on a variety of substrates and to be applied with various machines, at differing speeds and for many kinds of applications. It’s also able to withstand extreme conditions. One of the most popular bulk hot melts for carton closing is the Warren Adhesive HM 065

Foam Packaging

Foam packaging requires certain specifications like a slow set time and excellent tack to make sure your glue is positioned in the right place. Warren Adhesive HM 363 works with both cardboard and foam substrates and is designed for both foam to foam and foam to corrugated applications. 


Because it’s able to expand and contract with ease and is specially formulated to adhere to sensitive substrates, bulk hot melt is essential to the labeling industry. One of our favorites is the Warren Adhesive HM 6065. It bonds to glass, cardboard, and plastic and is suitable or bonding even pre-filled plastic bottles, paper-backed films, and carbonated drink bottles.


The extreme temperature resistance properties of bulk hot melt make it perfect for woodworking applications. There are many formulations for woodworking that are specific for pre-coating, profile wrapping, edge banding, soft forming, v-grooving, top laminating, and general assembly applications. The Infinity SuperTac 11 is commonly used in woodworking when strong, flexible bonds are required. It can be dispensed in bead form or as a spray while adapting to extreme temperatures and providing impact resistance. 

Product Assembly

The versatility of hot melt allows different formulations to bond many materials like wood, plastics, glass, metals, wood, and more. There is also a range of open times you an choose from to be sure you’re using the right bulk hot melt for your specific product assembly application. One of our go-to adhesives for product assembly is the Power TEC Bond 2378 because of its versatility and high bond strength.

Print Finishing 

Bulk hot melt is used in bookbinding, catalogs, magazines, and other print finishing applications because of its excellent ability to lay flat and open qualities. The Power TEC Bond 1241F bulk hot melt bonds to a wide variety of paper and cover stocks and has a very low odor and fast setting speed, making it the perfect adhesive for your print finishing applications. 


Though sometimes overlooked, hot melt plays a big role in the floral industry. It’s used to assemble floral arrangements and even for very specific purposes like decorating parade floats. Our favorite bulk hot melt for floral applications is the Surebonder 2025 because it’s commonly used with skillets and at individual stations. 

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