Guide to Buying Bulk Hot Melt
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  • Low Cost: Buying bulk hot melt will save money over buying glue sticks. offer a wide array of bulk hot melts at the best prices. However, if you are skid quantities we can get the cost lower, so give us a call 877-933-3343. Buying a full pallet or pallets will ensure the most savings to you. Best part about hot melt? It has an indefinite shelf life (*polyamides are the exception).
  • Low Char: All the products offered on are made with top quality ingredients, however, some offer a longer pot life.
  • Application: Certain hot melts are better for certain applications. No surprise on this point, bulk hot melt is formulated with specific traits in mind open time, viscosity, substrate adhesion etc.

Check out some of the most popular bulk hot melts on all sorted by application. 


Carton Closing:

Is easily the most popular application of bulk hot melt. has put together a short list of our most popular hot melts for corrugated to corrugated packaging. 

Warren Adhesives 065 Bulk Hot Melt

This is our top selling hot melt, why? Well, not only is this cost effective, but it's low viscosity and fast set speeds make it perfect for using with case and carton erectors or for sealing cartons by hand.

Power Adhesives TEC 7731F Bulk Hot Melt

This hot melt is extremely popular with our customers that operate a Box on Demand machines. Working well with cardboard, paper, wood and other porous substrates. This product offers good bond strength at lower temperatures.

Foam for Packaging:

Adding foam to corrugated is common is many packaging applications. 

Warren Adhesives 363 Bulk Hot Melt

Easily bond foam to corrugated for your packaging application using this hot melt. It offers a slow set time with excellent tack making it simple to get it positioned in the correct place.


Hot melt can be used for labeling every things from glass, plastic and corrugated boxes. 

Warren Adhesives 6065 Bulk Hot Melt

Great cold resistance, plus is expands and contracts with ease making this hot melt perfect for labeling carbonated drink bottles.


This is industry is more common the most people give it credit for. Hot melt pays a big part in floral arrangements and even in for decorating parade floats.

Surebonder 2025 Bulk Hot Melt

Our top selling product for floral assembly, this bulk hot melt is commonly used with skillets at individual stations. 


Not sure which bulk hot melt is right for you? Just contact us for assistance.




    We offer a wide array of hot melt adhesive for corrugated. Are you looking for bulk hot melt as described above in this blog post? Or are you looking for 1/2", 5/8" or 1 3/4" Glue Sticks? Please call 855-437-7700 or e-mail for recommended products.


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    i am a corrugator who wants to glue the carton with a glue gun kindly advise


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