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Infinity Bond Infinity Pack Premium Packaging Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Best For General Packaging: Infinity Bond InfinityPack Premium Packaging Glue Sticks

If you're looking for a strong, fast setting glue stick for case and carton closing, look no further. InfinityPack is a premium packaging glue stick available in almost every glue stick size and offers a fast strong bond. InfinityPack is perfect for cardboard, corrugated, paper and even wax and coated box sealing. It is low odor, grabs fast and insures your box will remain sealed.

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Infinity Bond FreezerPack Freezer Grade Packaging Glue Sticks

Best for Freezer Packaging : Infinity Bond FreezerPack Freezer Grade Packaging Glue Sticks

FreezerPack from Infinity Bond is a unique glue stick formulation that can be used for packaging materials that will be exposed to low temperatures after they are packed. This includes long term refrigeration or freezer environments. FreezerPack is a popular packaging glue stick for end of line or popped cases in a many food applications because it is FDA compliant for indirect contact with food.

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Infinity EconoPack Low Cost Packaging Hot Glue Sticks

Best for Low Cost Packaging: Infinity EconoPack Low Cost Packaging Hot Glue Sticks

The Infinity EconoPACK packaging glue sticks are the perfect budget solution to standard cardboard packaging applications. We wouldn't recommend these for coated surfaces or boxes over 30lbs but for standard cardboard box packaging, the EconoPACK glue sticks are a great option.

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Ask a question about Food Grade Adhesives

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Common Questions About Food Grade Adhesives

  • Direct Contact: Direct contact substances that directly make contact with food, including a label or sticker. 
  • Indirect Contact: Indirect contact substances that might come into contact with food, including the outside of a carton or package. 
  • Incidental Contact: Incidental contact substances that raely contact food, and such interaction is not long-lasting, like touching parts of a food processing machine during manufacturing. 

To prevent migration, food packaging suppliers often use functional barriers to prevent substances from becoming food components indirectly. For example, cereal producers use high-density polyethylene bags to protect food from contact with ink, adhesives, and environmental factors like humidity. Creating a functional barrier should be conducted through migration testing or structural analysis. 

The FDA defines a food-safe adhesive as a food-contact substance "...intended for use as a component of material used in manufacturing, packing, transportation, or holding foods, if such use is not intended to have a technical effect on such food."

Because of adhesives used in food packaging can sometimes indirectly come into contact with foods, the glue must pass more stringent safety requirements. Adhesive manufacturers should stick to the formulation rules presented by FDA 175.105 and the regulations for raw materials in section 175.300. 

On top of formulation restrictions, 175.105 also requires manufacturers to follow the rules regarding how adhesives can be applied on packaging and what type of physical contact is permitted. According to section 175.105, manufacturers of finished food packaging must: 

  1. Ensure that adhesives are separated from food by a barrier or:
  2. Comply with the following additional limitations based on food type: 
    1. For dry foods, the quantity of adhesive contacting the food cannot exceed the limits of the Good Manufacturing Proactices (GMPs) and
    2. Aqueous or fatty foods in contact with adhesives cannot exceed trace amount at the edges and seams of the packaging laminate that occurs with the parameters of the GMPs.

Food-grade adhesives are required for kitchen goods, packaging applications and production line equipment. They are also found on dry food packaging, paper wrapping that encases food or to seal cartons. Food-safe adhesives that are FDA-approved are needed to bond mesh gauze on filters, sleeves and strainers; seal parts on dispensing equipement like ice cream or beverage dispensers; bond ceramics, handles onto kitchen knives and coffee pots; add labels and packaging and seal production line conveyors and equipment.