Glue for Electrical Potting

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Infinity EP 270 Black Universal Potting Epoxy - 60 Minute Open Time

Best Overall: Infinity EP 270 Black Universal Potting Epoxy - 60 Minute Open Time

EP 270 Epoxy is non-corrosive, low viscosity, and medium-slow cure making it our top-selling epoxy adhesives for potting applications. It is easy to apply and is cost-effective.

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Common Questions About Glue for Electrical Potting

Potting is essentially filling a "pot" with adhesive (often referred to as a potting compound). When potting electronics, the components to be potted are in a housing or recess which is then filled with adhesive. 

Electronic circuit boards comprise many sensitive small components such as microchips, resistors, transistors and diodes. These often require protection against moisture (which can cuase short circuits), chemicals (which can corrode or attack components), thermal shock, vibration or impact (which can cause components to become detached). In many cases, potting electronic parts help make copying circuitry difficult for competitors or helps make smart chips and card readers harder for criminals to tamper with. 

For potting applications, low viscosity adhesives are generally preferred. They allow better fill around electronic components and reduce the likelihood of air bubble entrapment. Two-part epoxies and modified epoxies are a popular choice as are polyurethane adhesives and silicones. UV-adhesives can be used as they offer a quick cure and don't require mixing; however shadow areas and limited depth cure means they often aren't suitable. There are UV adhesives available with a secondary cure method which can assist full cure in shadow areas. 

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