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Black Dog PDR glue sticks for paintless dent removal
Show Dog Premium PDR Glue Sticks - 10 Stick Pack
Show Dog Premium PDR Glue Sticks - 10 Stick Pack
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Sun Dog PDR Glue Sticks for Hot Weather

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Sun Dog PDR Glue Sticks for Hot Weather

Best for Hot Weather: Sun Dog PDR Glue Sticks for Hot Weather

Sun Dog BDR by Infinity Bond is a specially formulated dent removal glue stick for moderate, warm and hot temperature conditions. Extra ridged with a higher melting temp makes sure Sun Dog will hold its bond even in extreme temperature conditions.

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Mutt PDR glue sticks by Infinity Bond

Best for All Weather Conditions: PDR Mutt By Infinity Bond - All Weather PDR Glue Sticks

PDR Mutt by Infinity Bond will work in every temperature, humidity, or weather condition. It offers great performance at a wide temperature range and gives the perfect amount of strength guaranteeing solid results, even when the weather is less than perfect.

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Black Dog PDR glue sticks for paintless dent removal

Best for Coated Metal: Infinity Bond Black Dog PDR Hot Glue Sticks

Infinity Bond Black Dog paintless dent repair (PDR) glue sticks set the standard in quality for the dent repair industry. These glue sticks are custom formulated to perfectly meet the demands of bonding to coated metal surfaces and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards.

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Common Questions About Paintless Dent Repair Glue Sticks

Glue pull PDR is the process of removing dents from the outside of a vehicle by applying industry specific hot glue to a plastic/nylon glue tab, attaching said tab to the damaged area, then "pulling" the tab away from the vehicle's panel with either a slide hammer, mini lifter or other industry specific "pullers". 

  1.  Glue sticks. The paintless dent removal industry makes tons of different types of hot glue for PDR. The glue available all vary based on temperature, humidity, and damage extremes. 
  2. Glue tabs. There are hundreds of different types of glue tabs availbel out there. The current norm in the industry is directed to glue tabs with flat surfaces. As glues have gotten better, the tab head size has been able to be reduced to accomplish more precise pulls. 
  3. Slide hammer, mini lifter or t-bar. Each of these dent removal tools has a use in the industry. Typically, slide hammers pulls are effcient based on the impact of the slide. A minilifter or t-bar is meant for more consistent pressure pulls. 
  4. PDR light (optional). It help to find the best placement of PDR glue tabs. 
  1. Wipe the area that has the dent/ding with 91% or higher alcohol. As you clean the area, the cloth you are wiping will start grabbing the surface. 
  2. Choose the appropriate glue tab. Typically, you should use a tab that fits within the outside edge of the damage. you want to pull from the center of the dent. 
  3. Apply hot glue to the tab's flat surface. You will want to use enough so when you place the tab against the area some of the glue flattens tot he sides. Leave about 2mm between the tab and the surface. 
  4. Place tab into middle of damage. Press until you think there is about 2 mm of glue between the tab and surface. 
  5. Allow glue to set up. 
  6. Place your slide hammer (or whatever glue pulling tool you will use to pull) in place. Once there, make your pull. 
  7. The tab should make a "pop" sound.
  8. Remove excess glue with 91% or higher alcohol. 
  9. Check results. Repeat until damage is removed to satisfaction.