New Power Adhesives Pneumatic Glue Guns: TEC 4500B & TEC 4500S
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We are thrilled to announce that Power Adhesives has a 2 new pneumatic glue guns coming to the United States soon. We don't have all the details yet, but will be updating this blog in the coming weeks. The TEC 4500B is a pneumatic extrusion glue gun and it's counterpart the TEC 4500S is a pneumatic spray glue gun.  What's so unique about a couple new pneumatic glue guns?! These glue guns have a built in melt chamber allowing the TEC 4500 glue gun to take bulk hot melt and slugs.  

We only have one image so far, but we are hoping to get more photos soon. We can't wait till we can get our hands on one these to test it out soon. Check back for new details in coming weeks.


Currently, on we offer a few handheld tools with melt chambers like the Champ 3, Champ 600, PAM HB710 extrusion and PAM HB710 spray we can't wait to see how Power Adhesives TEC 4500 compares in price and performance. Since Power Adhesives has brought us some of our favorite glue guns in the past, TEC 6300 and TEC 820, we don't think the TEC 4500 will let us down.



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