The Best Uses For Masking Tape

How Should I Use Masking Tape?

Masking tape is a staple in most offices and toolboxes. It’s great for labeling and organizing projects, but why stop there? This jack-of-all-trades is sometimes overlooked in everyday applications but boasts so many unique uses that can make your life easier and keep you organized. Here are a few of our favorite masking tape life hacks: 

1. Wrapping Gifts

Have a last-minute gift and realize you’re out of wrapping supplies? No problem. Use common household materials such as newspaper, butcher’s paper, or old book pages to create unique, rustic wrapping surfaces. We recommend the comics section. Use masking tape to enhance the creative look and feel, or roll the tape into rings for invisible adhesion. Not only can masking tape add a cute, kitschy edge to your gift, but light-duty tape like the 3M Value Masking Tape keeps the opening process simple and easy so your recipient can get to the goods inside.

2. Jumpstart Your Garden

Use 3M General Use Masking Tape to bring your garden to life. The medium hold and adhesive versatility will allow you to prop up plant stalks, support trellises, label herb gardens or dormant bulb beds, and encourage climbing vines and shrubs to go where you want them most. Because the masking tape is easy to remove, you don’t have to worry about damaging plants and can update your garden as the seasons change with ease. This tape also adapts to irregular surfaces, so you’ll have everything you need if you want to give your window boxes a fresh coat of paint or trim your deck.

3. Your Media Console Will Thank You

Admit it. You’ve been putting off organizing, labeling, and separating those cords behind your television. Between the internet router, the TV, your x-box, your DVD player, the cable box, and two or three mysterious electronics that you haven’t quite identified yet – the nest of cords behind your media console looks like a cross between a fire hazard and your worst nightmare. Enter 3M High-Performance Green Masking Tape. This tape is made for rubber and plastic applications, so it will help you bundle cords and label plugs with ease. The bright green color is easy to see and label, but the adhesive tape is easy to move and doesn’t leave a residue for easy reorganization when the next Apple TV is released. 

4. Moving

Whether you’re upgrading your apartment, sending your kids off to college, or buying your first home, moving can be exciting... and stressful. We know you’ll want to stock up on moving boxes, packing tape, markers, and bubble wrap. But don’t forget the 3M General Use Masking Tape. This medium-duty tape will help you bundle and organize loose objects such as pens and silverware or secure your bubble wrap so your breakables stay intact. Use it for easy labeling, holding lids in place, and reinforcing boxes.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Masking tape is a go-to tool for any home project so snag a roll and start doing! Learn about another masking tape application in our blog post: 'Painter's Choice: 3M Performance Yellow Masking Tape' or contact us with any additional questions.

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