Holiday Gif Guide

With the holiday season just around the corner, the temptation to start thinking about gift giving may be starting to creep up on you. While this task may be easy for your friends and family, choosing the perfect gift for your coworkers, supervisor, or partners may be a little more daunting. When you look at the workbench next to you and ask yourself, “What do I get the artisan who has it all?” … don’t worry, we can help. You might even find a little something for yourself on our holiday gift guide.

For your collaborative coworker: You love your collaborative coworker who is always showing you how to work better or lending and borrowing tools to deliver the best work. Let your friend demonstrate his favorite gluing technique and point out your best work with ease by protecting his hands with the Surebonder Safety Gloves, compete with breathable back fabric and heat resistant front grips.

For your messy coworker: Everybody has one. You know who we mean: that bench-mate who lets adhesive drips dry and gets frustrated by endless cleaning. The Surebonder Clear Glue Gun Pad might be the perfect gift. This easy-to-clean glue pad protects work surfaces and lets you easily peel off glue residue for a spotless, beautiful workstation. 

For your aesthetic coworker: For your coworker with the flawless workspace, we recommend the Power Heavy Duty Gun Stand (works with the TEC 3150, TEC 3200, TEC 6100, TEC 7100 and TEC 7300 guns). The sleek, black lines and minimalist metal design is elegant and simplistic for the craftsman who likes his space to look as good as his work.

For your OCD coworker: Indulge your closet neat freaks with an extra cartridge gun cleaner like the PAM U7588 Purge Cleaner. Your coworker who is constantly reorganizing and thrives in a tidy environment, will appreciate (and laugh along with) this silly nod to his natural tendency to bring order to chaos. 

For your tech-loving coworker: The Power Magnetic Glue Gun Stand and Plate (for TEC 805, TEC 810, or TEC 820 guns) is a dream for your coworkers who love to show off their newest gadgets. This magnetic gun holder seems to defy gravity by supporting TEC 800-series guns without a rack, while the brushed metal plate lends a futuristic edge to the complete aesthetic. 

For your perfectionist coworker: A pressure regulator – such as the Power Adhesives Regulator for Pneumatic Glue Guns – will give your coworker a competitive edge. Although the regulator was built with TEC 6300 and TEC 7300 glue guns in mind, it works with other pneumatic guns as well to deliver more accurate melt flow and keep your gun in top working order.

For your coworker who is always prepared: Those coworkers who have the exact tool you need, exactly when you need it are a godsend. They anticipate their needs and your needs before you ever start a project and always seem to have a unique solution up their sleeve when things go wrong. A Power KNOT-TEC Mouseplane may be just the tool they were missing. Get through sanding, prime surface areas, and get gluing faster by priming work surfaces with this sleek, ergonomic mousplane.

For your efficient coworker: Help your coworker work smarter, no harder with a Spring Balancer Tool Positioner. The tiny tool hooks to most industrial glue guns to help distribute and eliminate the weight of your gun so you can stay in the game longer without fear of cramping or fatigue. It may be small, but the spring balancer is mighty.

These thoughtful gifts and goodies will delight and entertain your coworkers while making their lives a little easier … and is there anything better than that during the holidays?

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