Plexus MA330 Discontinued

ITW Performance Polymers has ended the production of some Plexus products from its inventory. One of the products recently discontinued is Plexus MA330. This general-purpose structural adhesive is no longer being manufactured in any size packaging by the company.  

For those manufacturers and businesses that have been using this product, this change can be cause for concern. Limited amounts of the product may still be available for a short time before supplies run out, but these companies will need to figure out how to replace the adhesive while avoiding downtime in production.  

What is Plexus MA330? 

Plexus MA330 is a two-part methacrylate adhesive used for structural bonding in various capacities. It has a medium working time of three to six minutes and a fast strength development when left at room temperature. Because it can be used to bond thermoplastics, metals (including different substrates), and composite assemblies, it is considered a general-purpose adhesive and is used for various applications and purposes. One of the biggest benefits of this product is that it can be applied with little to no surface preparation. It also has a high strength and is designed to withstand harsh climate conditions.  

Because of the versatility and strength of this product, many manufactures use Plexus MA330 in their assembly lines, but once the last of the supply runs out, this will no longer be an option.  

Plexus MA330 Glue No Longer Available 

In late October of 2023, ITW Performance Polymers announced that it would stop producing several products from Plexus. The production of some of these products was halted immediately. In other cases, like with the discontinuation of the Plexus MA330 adhesive, production was scheduled to end in March of 2024. Now that March has come and gone, Plexus MA330 is officially discontinued.  

This recent discontinuation includes the packaging of Plexus MA330 adhesives in 5-gallon pails, 400-milliliter 1:1 twin cartridges, and 50-milliliter 1:1 twin cartridges. Other products from the same announcement that will no longer be produced by ITW Performance Polymers include Plexus MA205HVF activators, Plexus MA685 adhesive pails, Plexus MA2015 white activators, Plexus MA300 black activators, Plexus MA310 black activators, Plexus MA560LV 400-milliliter cartridges, and Plexus MA2045 blue 490-milliliter cartridges.  

With the deadline for production in the rearview mirror, manufacturers and businesses that had been ordering the now discontinued Plexus adhesive MA330 or these other products are forced to find another adhesive that works and quickly.  

Finding a New Solution

Although Plexus MA330 may no longer be readily available for purchase from ITW Performance Polymers, it doesn’t mean businesses using these products need to come to a halt or drastically alter their production process. There is a simple and even better solution available.  

Infinity Bond MMA 330 is a great replacement for the discontinued Plexus adhesive MA330. It has the same capabilities as Plexus MA330 and can be used in the same applications. In some ways, this product may even be better than the discontinued Plexus MA330.  

Infinity Bond MMA 330 has a shelf life of 12 months as compared to Plexus’s 7-month shelf life. The Infinity Bond product can also be found at a cheaper price than the now discontinued Plexus MA330 adhesives. As a result, this update may actually be a welcome change for many businesses who never thought to check for cheaper alternatives.  

If your business uses the discontinued Plexus MA300, you can order a replacement adhesive from us today. If you have any questions or want to know more about the other discontinued Plexus products, we can also help. We have replacement adhesives for these products and experts ready to advise you on the best adhesive solutions for your needs. is not affiliated with Plexus®. Plexus® is a registered trademark of ITW Performance Polymers. 


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