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Frequently Asked Questions about ITW Plexus Adhesives

ITW Plexus Structural Adhesives are a range of high-performance bonding solutions designed to provide superior strength, durability, and resistance. They are developed by ITW Performance Polymers and are known for their ability to bond a wide variety of materials, including composites, metals, and plastics, offering excellent fatigue resistance and reducing production time with their rapid cure at room temperature.

Choosing Plexus Structural Adhesives ensures high-quality bonding with benefits like excellent fatigue resistance, superior bond strength, and the ability to bond dissimilar substrates. They are resistant to oil & diesel and are suitable for managing stress, heat, and impact, making them ideal for applications requiring increased safety & durability.

Plexus Adhesives offer increased design freedom by allowing the chemical fusion of composites and the bonding of a wide variety of materials. This flexibility enables designers to explore innovative solutions and create products without the limitations of mechanical fastening methods.

Plexus Structural Adhesives contribute to reducing production costs by offering fast and easy assembly, reducing process steps, and providing rapid cure at room temperature. This leads to increased throughput and decreased production time, optimizing the overall manufacturing process.

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