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Parker LORD® Adhesive Alternatives

Parker LORD® adhesives are a line of structural adhesives offered by LORD Corporation. Products include a number of epoxy adhesives and acrylic adhesives used for structural bonding, which can often replace traditional welding and fasteners without sacrificing bond strength. Parker LORD® adhesives are used for a wide range of applications such as automotive, construction, and electronics assembly.

Although we do not carry Parker LORD® adhesives, we have alternatives for most LORD® adhesive products in 50ml and 400ml cartridges.

Find Parker LORD Adhesive Alternatives

We offer alternatives for the products listed below. If your product is not listed, don't hesitate to contact us for a recommendation. We can help you find an alternative that costs substantially less while offering the same or better performance.

Lord 201/19 acrylic adhesive in 50ml cartridge

LORD 201

LORD® 201 is an acrylic adhesive that will bond a range of substrates, including metals, ceramics, and plastics with little or not preparation.

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LORD 206-19 Acrylic Adhesive

LORD 206

LORD® 206 acrylic adhesive when cured LORD Accelerator, creates a long working time adhesive system that bonds a wide variety of prepared or unprepared metals and plastics.

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LORD® 403 Acrylic Adhesive

LORD 403

Lord 403 bonds a wide range of unprepared metals with minimal substrate preparation, as well as engineered thermoplastics including polycarbonate, ABS and acrylics.

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Lord 606 Acrylic Adhesive

LORD 606

Lord 606 is a fast-setting adhesive system that will bond composites and reinforced plastic. This mixed adhesive can also cross-bond composites to many metals.

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LORD 305 Epoxy Adhesive

LORD 305

LORD 305 is a general purpose, medium viscosity, two-component epoxy adhesive. Use LORD 305 for applications that require strong, durable, chemically and environmentally resistant bonds.

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Lord 310 50 ml cartridge epoxy adhesive

LORD 310

LORD® 310 adhesive is a modified, thixotropic, two-component epoxy adhesive used to bond many types of metals, rubber, urethane and plastics.

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LORD 622

LORD 662

LORD® 662 acrylic adhesive creates an adhesive system that will bond composites including DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) resin and modified DCPD rein based FRP (fiber reinforced plastic).

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