Power Adhesives TEC Glue Guns

Whether you are working on a craft project, fixing something up around the house or assembling products at work, you need the appropriate tool to get the job done right. At Glue Gun, we offer a wide range of Power Adhesives TEC glue guns to suit any need. Whether you are looking for a low-volume tool that is appropriate for crafts and tackling your to-do list at home, or you need a high-volume glue gun, we have you covered. Here are a few of our favorite Power Adhesive TEC glue guns.

Power Adhesives TEC 305

If you are looking for an entry-level hot glue gun, look no further than the TEC 305. While ideal for hobby and craft applications, this tool includes features that are typically reserved for higher-end industrial models. It is much better than the glue guns you will find in the aisles of your local craft store, but it still comes at a comparable price. It heats up in just four to five minutes, and it can output up to two pounds of hot melt per hour. That’s not too shabby for an entry-level glue gun!

Power Adhesives TEC 806

When you are ready to step it up a notch, try the TEC 806. This light industrial glue gun is available in configurations that accept ½” and 5/8” glue sticks, making it rather versatile. It only takes two to three minutes to warm up and can dispense up to four pounds of hot melt per hour. The TEC 806 is powerful enough to handle a wide range of applications, such as product assembly and packaging, and it features a long, 10-foot power cord for convenience.

Power Adhesives TEC 820

Power Adhesives TEC 820

For a mid-level industrial hot glue gun, you can’t go wrong with the TEC 820. Like the TEC 806, it is available in both ½” and 5/8” configurations, making it compatible with the vast majority of hot melt products on the market. It has multiple nozzle options, as well as a temperature control and a comfortable grip. It heats up in two to three minutes and can dispense up to five pounds of hot melt hourly. With the adjustable temperature control, users can utilize both high- and low-temperature glue sticks and fine-tune hot melt viscosity.

Power Adhesives Gas TEC 600

Sick of tripping over a power cord? Try the cordless Gas TEC 600. This industrial glue gun is perfect for woodworking and furniture making because it is lightweight, portable and comfortable to use. Powered by butane, this device is ideal for any project that requires freedom of movement. It is also great for situations when an outlet is not available. It reaches operating temperature in five minutes and dispenses up to 3.7 pounds of glue per hour.

Power Adhesives TEC 3400

If you are looking for one of the best and most popular hot melt tools around, check out the TEC 3400. This powerful device uses 1 3/4:” glue slugs and can dispense up to 8.5 pounds of glue per hour. Because it is capable of high output without pneumatic assistance, it is ideal for just about any industrial application. It features a digital temperature microcontroller that offers exceptional heat precision. It also automatically cools down when only a little adhesive is being dispensed and heats up to meet the needs of high-volume output. It even has a controller that’s capable of self-diagnosing any problems that may occur.

Power Adhesives TEC 6300

The TEC 6300 from Power Adhesives is a pneumatic spray glue gun that is ideal for projects with large areas that need to be covered. This tool also works well in situations involving heat-sensitive substrates. Because it is pneumatic, it offers low fatigue with extended use and delivers glue with precision. This pneumatic glue gun takes about 10 minutes to heat up and is capable of outputting an astonishing 10 pounds of glue per hour.

Power Adhesives TEC 7300

Power Adhesives TEC 7300

When you want the maximum output per hour, go with the TEC 7300 spray glue gun. This device uses 1 ¾” slugs and is capable of delivering 11.5 pounds of adhesive per hour, making it perfect for high-volume industrial applications. It includes a magazine feet cartridge to cut down on adhesive load time and maximize efficiency. Because it is pneumatically assisted, it is easy to use — even for extended periods of time. For optimum performance, we recommend a 10-minute warmup and 120 psi.

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