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Hundreds of individuals and companies use water wash hot melt hoses across the globe – but what exactly is a water wash hot melt hose? And should you be using one?

That depends on a few factors. If you work in an industry that uses bulk hot melt adhesive applications in environments that are constantly wet and humid, then a water wash hot melt hose is a necessity. If equipment washdowns to keep your production lines clean are a regular occurrence, then you might consider using one as well.

What is a Water Wash Hot Melt Hose?

Water wash hot melt hoses use a waterproof material to ensure they are completely watertight. The waterproof material around the hot melt hose protects the heating wire wound around the hose from becoming wet and potentially electrocuting operators. The material also shields the core from the cooling effects of liquids in the environment, so the hot melt adhesive does not harden in the hose.

Rubber is the most common exterior material used to protect the hose in wet environments. The rubber sheath acts as a barrier that keeps water from seeping in and damaging components. It also acts as an insulator to help maintain sufficiently high temperatures in the hose to keep the adhesive flowing freely.

As an added protection against temperature degradation, some hose manufacturers might use additional insulative materials in their hoses. Foams and braided layers under the rubber exterior slow the flow of heat out of the hose core. The additional insulation makes these types of hoses suitable for use in industries where they are exposed to cold liquids or low-temperature production lines.

Industries That Use Water Wash Hot Melt Hoses

Water wash hot melt hoses suit industries with environments that are moist or where the floor is wet. The dairy packaging and food industries are two sectors that frequently use such hoses, as both industries deal with high volumes of liquids.

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Industries that use water wash hot melt hoses include dairy and food packaging facilities that use the popular Infinity Bond FoodPACK hot melt adhesive. Due to the nature of the products they manufacture, these industries often have packaging environments that are either wet or humid. Regular washdowns are also necessary in these industries in order to comply with FDA standards.

If you are looking for a hose that is suitable for use in the food industry, a great option is the Nordson 2300 and 3000 Series. These hoses are great for use in production lines that seal foods in packets and packages for freshness using hot melt adhesives. Some construction projects might also use hot bulk melt glue as an adhesive for securing large light-duty installations such as interior wall cladding. If work in these projects takes place in wet conditions, then a water wash hot melt hose might also be useful.

Water Wash Hot Melt Hoses Offer Incredible Durability

Water wash hot melt hoses boast incredible durability. Because they use an additional protective layer around the hose, they tend to withstand harsh conditions quite well. As a result, a water wash hot melt hose might be a good option if you work with corrosive materials that might otherwise destroy a normal hose.

In case a hose does become damaged, however, the ability to quickly remove and replace a hose makes them very easy to fix. This makes using this hose also very cost effective since a damaged hose does not require you to replace all your bulk hot melt equipment.

Choosing a Hose

Equipment compatibility is the primary concern when choosing a hose. Before buying a hose online, make sure it uses coupling components that are compatible with your existing equipment.

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Additionally, take into consideration the type of bulk hot melt adhesive you use. Some hoses might not be able to maintain sufficiently high temperatures if you use an adhesive that requires it.

There are lots of different types of water wash hot melt hoses for you to choose from, including models with short lengths and others that can cover very long distances. It is important to consider your space before choosing a hose, as different hoses suit different environments and systems better than others. For example, larger factories might use long hoses to cover larger gaps between their melting equipment and their packaging lines.

A water wash hot melt hose gun can be very useful for some jobs, especially in the food and dairy industry.

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