Definitive Guide to Industrial Glue Guns

What is an Industrial Glue Gun?

Industrial glue gun is a pretty generic term. The average person would likely surmise that it refers to a glue gun used for industrial applications, or simply one that is made with higher quality material, in which ‘industrial’ becomes a synonym for ‘expensive.’ Both answers are, however, correct to an extent. An industrial glue gun is basically a glue gun that provides higher durability and output than your traditional craft store model glue gun. They are used in industries like packaging, product assembly, construction, woodworking, graphic arts, automotive, and many more. carries just about every model of industrial glue gun available on the market from the most reputable names in the business. Not only will you find exactly what you are looking for by narrowing your options with our search filter, but you will also find the most affordable prices currently available on the market. Let’s explore some of the various glue guns available on, and how you can find the gun you need for your industrial application.

Types of Industrial Glue Guns makes it easy for you to find the right glue gun for your industrial applications. Whether you are looking for a gun for a specific application, want to stick with a particular brand, stay in a specific price range, or search by type of gun, our search-filtration system makes the whole process unbelievably simple. Below are some search criteria you can utilize on the site and some products that will be displayed as a result of your search.

Light Industrial Glue Guns

Industrial glue guns come in all shapes and sizes. Well, at least in all different sizes. They can be designed to handle large or small (light) industrial projects such as packaging and graphic arts. Most of these models utilize either ½” and 5/8” glue sticks and generally dispense adhesives at a rate of 3.5lbs/hour. Light industrial glue guns are perfect for entry-level users, featuring quick warm-up times and comfortably designed triggers to prevent exhaustion in your hand. Here are a few of the top models under the light industrial search criteria:

Industrial Glue Guns

Industrial glue guns are designed to handle larger, mid- to high-volume industrial applications like product assembly, packaging, and woodworking. They generally have a dispensing rate of 5lb/hour and can be used with either high or low-temperature glue sticks or adhesives owing to their adjustable temperature controls. Note that those industrial glue gun models from 3M utilize the company’s ‘Q’ size glue stick, which is 5/8” X 8”. 

Pneumatic Industrial Glue Guns

Pneumatic glue guns are those that operate with air or gas pressure assistance. They are designed to minimize operator fatigue while maximizing efficiency and output. Pneumatic guns that are designed for industrial purposes can handle mid- to high-level applications, and include adjustable temperature control features, affording them a wide operating-temperature range.

  • 3M Polygun II Pnuematic Glue Gun – utilize 1” x 3” glue sticks with a dispensing rate of 6lbs/hr; features maintenance-free output and is extremely durable
  • PAM HB 710HT Extrusion Glue Gun – ideal for high-temperature applications; fastening is designed to endure harsh weather; also features digital temperature control and display
  • Ad Tech PT500 Pneumatic Glue Gun – for high volume applications that require extended use; utilize 5/8” stick size at a dispense rate of 6.7lb/hr

Industrial Spray Glue Guns

Some industrial applications call for industrial adhesives that must be sprayed onto the substrate and then applied to a second substrate surface. One industry, in particular, that is beginning to utilize these kinds of adhesives is the home-roofing industry. Pneumatic guns offer the user precise dispensing abilities. Those designed for industrial applications can cover a large surface area and also handle those substrates that are heat sensitive.

Industrial Bulk Glue Guns

Larger, or more extensive industrial applications that require bulk hot melt or adhesive can be handled with industrial bulk glue guns. These guns feature bulk tanks that can carry and dispense a large amount of adhesive at a time. This not only provides the user with efficient use but also saves you a ton of money by allowing you to purchase bulk hot melt. Some pneumatic spray guns, like Power Adhesives’ TEC 4500S model, also feature bulk-size tanks and allowing them to be used for bulk industrial applications.

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