Top 3M Glue Gun Spare Parts

Top Spare Parts Replaced in 3M Glue Guns

3M makes quality hot glue guns that typically last many years but occasionally you have to give them a little TLC. Luckily, 3M makes spare parts readily available for most of their glue gun models. wanted to make things a bit easier and highlight the most common spare parts for 3M hot melt applicators.

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We have been selling these products for quite some time and have started to get a good feeling on which parts are the most common. Generally, the Scotch-Weld PG II pneumatic glue gun needs the most help because it is typically used in high volume applications.

Did you know that also does glue gun repairs? Check out our repair page to find out how you can take the hands-off approach to glue gun repairs. 

Top 5 3M Hot Melt Applicator Spare Parts 

  1. 9223 Valve Assembly - For Scotch-Weld PG II
    The most common spare part bought and needed for the PG II.  It doesn't get much more basic than this. This kit includes the nozzle tip and nozzle valve.  

  2. 9209 Thermostat / TCO Kit - For Scotch-Weld PG II
    When the thermostat goes out, there isn't anything you can do till you get it replaced. We find companies with multiple units like to keep one of these on hand to reduce down time.

  3. 9204 Regulator Kit - For Scotch-Weld PG II
    Regulates the air pressure of your PG II this part does sometimes give people problems. If you have more than a couple PG II pneumatic glue guns in operation keep one of these on hand.

  4. 9238 Feeder Kit - For Scotch-Weld TC or LT
    The number one thing to go wrong on your TC or LT glue gun. If the feeder isn't working properly it's hard to get anything done.

  5. 9787 Transport Mechanism Kit - For Scotch-Weld EC
    It's hard to get anything done if the glue stick isn't feeding into your EC glue gun properly.

Honorable Mentions:

9786 Stroke Adjuster Kit - For Scotch-Weld EC

The piece that allows you to adjust how much adhesive you get per squeeze.

9203 Heat Shield Kit- For Scotch-Weld PG II

It's an easy repair, the heat shield commonly gets the grunt of things in an industrial environment.

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