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When to Use Structural Adhesives?

When to Use Structural Adhesives?

Knowing what adhesive to use for your application can be a bit of a struggle. We want to try to iron out a few examples of when to use structural adhesives: Epoxy, Acrylics (MMA), Urethanes.

A quick overview, structural adhesives are designed to meet performance specifications for assembly applications. Structural adhesives are commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and transportation industries due to their performance and benefit. 3M Structural Adhesives

When to use structural adhesives:

  • Application where you need stiffness (corners, hinges)
  • Applications requiring strength
  • Applications not requiring surface prep
  • Applications with irregularly shaped or gapped bond lines
  • Applications where you need to fill in to seal and protect

We have highlighted some of the top characteristics of the different types of structural adhesives below. Please note the characteristics listed of these adhesives are not the only advantages, just the top few qualities for each.  


  • Strength
  • Impact
  • Environmental resistance


  • Fast rate of strength
  • Versatility: Oily surfaces, plastics and metal
  • *LSE Bonders


  • Flexible
  • High peel
  • Durability

We offer numerous formulations of epoxy, acrylics and urethanes, however, we don't list every item we carry online, so if you are looking for a specific formula or an equivalent please email or call 855-437-7700.