Sulzer Mixpac Quadro static mixer overview

A Little Background on the Sulzer Mixpac Quadro Static Mixer Nozzles

Sulzer’s hand-held MIXPAC™ two-component dispensers are only as good as the mixing nozzles that deliver your adhesive. Thanks to Sulzer’s patented QUADRO™ mixing technology, you can expect unparalleled metering and application at a variety of angles and lengths. Sulzer’s mixing system leverages a modular design, so you can easily interchange QUADRO™ static mixer nozzles and dispenser guns to accommodate your needs. This seamless integration system makes you a jack-of-all-trades and master of all projects. 


QUADRO™ mixers harness brains rather than brawn. Each mixing system achieves near-perfect layering through a unique specific geometry and helical design that lightens your physical load. The QUADRO™ system’s shortened mixing process requires less sustained muscle use by reducing pressure loss, alleviating low back pain and fatigue during application.

Sulzer offers a wide range of nozzle lengths, diameters, applicator tips, and accessories to ensure your adhesive is delivered as perfectly as the layers QUADRO™ technology creates.


Sure, practice makes perfect. But with QUADRO™’s groundbreaking delivery system, we like to think application makes perfect. Get closer to your project, inside hard-to-reach drill holes, and extreme angles with the flick of the wrist. This near flawless application cuts waste volume by approximately 50%, even at high dispensing rates.

For especially high-volume or high-viscosity projects, the QUADRO™ High Flow mixer does the trick. The patented helical design of all QUADRO™ systems produces the signature layering you love, while pneumatic gun options, a larger mixing diameter and opening help minimize application pressure and increase speed. High Flow mixers come with a variety of extension tubes and mixing elements for added precision based on your needs.

With more than 12 mixer options, each boasting robust, varied configuration settings, the QUADRO™ system can accommodate most 2-K application projects and almost any industry. Contact us with any additional questions.

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