Pamtite vs Pamtite Plus

The PAM Fastening PAMTite and PAMTite Plus are ground breaking in the hot melt industry. PAMTite glue sticks and PAMTite Plus glue sticks are unique in their bonding characteristics offering speed, strength and versatility for indoor applications. Both of these unique glue sticks are great for a wide array of applications including carpet tack installation, hardwood floor installation and other projects that require maximum bond and durability. For industrial applications the PAMTite series glue sticks can often replace the need for silicone, urethanes, construction adhesives, screws, nails or staples.

The Difference between PAMTite and PAMTite Plus Glue Sticks

What's the big difference? Well, PAMTite and PAMTite Plus are very similar except for the open times. PAMTite has a 1 minute open time where PAMTite Plus has a 3 minute open time. PAMTite Plus also also has a better heat and cold resistance than PAMTite.   

Why We Love PAMTite Series Hot Melt?

  • Instant tack
  • Strength (often the material will fail before the PAMTite Bond)
  • Great for non-porous and hard to bond surfaces

    What Glue Gun do I need to apply PAMTite Glue Sticks?

    We recommend buying the PAM Fastening HB220 glue gun for applying PAMTite glue sticks. Why? The answer is simple PAM designed their PAMTite adhesive to be applied with this glue gun. Not to mention they have nozzles available specifically for the flooring industry. The HB220 glue gun has a 220 Watt heating element and a quick 5 minute warm-up time. This industrial glue gun was built to last and designed for continuous use without any delays. 

    PAMTite and PAMTite Plus Adhesive Applications

    Carpet Tack Strips

    • Use PAMTite adhesives instead of tube adhesives or nails for attach tack strips to new or old concrete
    • Power strench the cartpet after just 5 minutes, makes it easy to finish a job all in one day
    • Apply a wide bead to the entire tack strip for best results

    Transition Strips

    • Use PAMTite adhesive for a variety of transition strips: wood, metal, vinyl, and others
    • PAMTite adhesive remains flexible and will hold up even after long periods of regular foot traffic
    • Apply PAMTite adhesive directly to transitional strip

    Carpet Bubble Repair

    • Commercial carpet forms bubbles and wrinkles over time when glued down to a concrete slab --PAMTite provides a fast and easy fix
    • PAM Fastening has created a Carpet piercing nozzle that makes this application easy
    Hardwood Flooring Starter Rows
    • PAMTite is great for starter & finish rows where a hardwood nailer does not fit next to wall
    • We recommend cutting silts in a vapor barrier to expose the subfloor for application
    Transition Strips
    • Immediately install transition with PAMTite and walk away feeling confident
    • For best results consult NWFA Hardwood installation instructions
    • Also, works well on T-molding and bull nosing
    Hollow Spot Repair
    Interior Renovation Wood Moldings
    • PAMTite adhesive is a great replacement for traditional fasteners that can split & damage decorative moldings
    • If metal fasteners are required, PAMTite can be used to hold the moulding in place before inserting fasteners
    • Use PAMTite for crowning molding, chair rail moulding, bull nose on stairs, quarter round, t-molding and delicate tirm work around cabinets
    Vinyl Cove Molding
    • PAMTite hot melt is a unique adhesive since it will not only bond vinyl, but maintain it's strength over time
    • PAMTite instantly bonds, is great for creating a tight corner with the vinyl cove, and withstands plasticizer migration
    Ceramic Repair
    • Replace broken or cracked ceramic, terazzo, granite and many other types of tile and stone
    • PAMTite eliminates the need for mortar and allows you to grout immediately after fixing
    Industrial & Assembly Door Repair
    • PAMTite eliminated the need for clams and drying racks and enables immediate shipping
    • Perfect for bonding molded MDF, wood veeners, and other surface mateirals
    • PAMTite bonds metals, plastics, and other difficult surfaces
    • Bonds both to porous and non-porous surfaces
    Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the PAM Fastening line of glue guns or glue sticks for your next project.

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