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Fastenmaster FLEX 180 Glue Sticks - Formerly PAMTite Plus

Product Highlights

  • PAM Fastening
By Application:
  • Flooring
  • POP Display
  • Product Assembly
Stick Size:
  • 1/2" Glue Sticks

Bonds To
General Purpose

Set Time: Slow
Temperature: High
SKU: PAM PA-05-UX101210-1LB
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About Fastenmaster FLEX 180 Glue Sticks (Formerly PamTite Plus)

Fastenmaster FLEX 180 glue sticks are great for bonding wood trim, hardwood floors and other woodworking and construction applications. They offer a longer open time than the original PamTite (now Fastenmaster FLEX 40) giving users more time to set and arrange materials. 

Additional Information

  • Standard temp glue stick
  • Bonds to wood, ceramic, tile, stone
  • Long open time
  • Used in construction and woodworking

Specifications »

Fastenmaster 180 PamTite Plus Specifications

  • Physical appearance: Light colored nearly clear solid
  • Molten Gardner Color 1
  • Viscosity at 300F/150C: 9,015 cps
  • 6,150 cps @ 325F / 163C
  • 4,110 cps @ 350F / 177C
  • Softening Point: 174F / 79C
  • Open Time: 180 seconds
  • Heat Resistance: 150F / 66C
  • Shear Failure Temperature: (500g/in2) 165F / 74C
  • Working Temperature: 300-350F / 150-177C

Volume Quote

Fastenmaster FLEX 180 Glue Sticks - Formerly PAMTite Plus