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Common Questions About Epoxy Guns

An epoxy gun is a handheld applicator used to dispense two-part epoxy adhesives. These epoxies are sold in dual-component cartridges containing part A and part B, which need to be mixed. Epoxy guns work similarly to caulk guns – pressing the trigger pushes a plunger within each barrel of the epoxy cartridge, squeezing both components out of the cartridge, through a mixing nozzle, and onto the surface.

Epoxy guns are designed to work with standard cartridge sizes, so check your cartridge size. The most common epoxy cartridge sizes are 50 ml, 200 ml, 400 ml, and 600 ml. Some epoxy adhesive products may show slightly more or less by volume. For example, 45 ml = 50 ml cartridge, 250 ml = 200 ml cartridge, and 490 ml = 400 ml cartridge. Choose an epoxy gun based on the cartridge size you're using.

No, many epoxy guns are designed to work specifically with 1:1/2:1, 4:1, or 10:1 mix ratios. However, some epoxy guns do come with multi-ratio adapters that allow you to use the same gun with different mix ratios. Check your epoxy adhesive cartridge to determine the mix ratio before choosing an epoxy gun.

For best overall value – great quality and price – we recommend Infinity Bond. If budget is not an issue, Sulzer Mixpac / Cox Dispensing makes exceptional epoxy glue guns.

Manual epoxy glue guns are operated by applying pressure to the trigger, similar to a caulk gun. They don't use electricity and don't require batteries. If you're applying epoxy for many hours, squeezing that trigger can get tiring. It's also not the most precise way to dispense epoxy. Pneumatic epoxy guns attach to an air compressor for assistance, providing more comfort and more precise dispensing. They are commonly used in product assembly, including automotive assembly, where large amounts of epoxy are used.

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