Power Adhesives TEC 3400 Glue Gun
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Power Adhesives TEC 3400 Glue Gun

Power Adhesives TEC 3400 Glue Gun

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Size: 1 3/4" Glue Slugs

SKU: TEC-3400-43

TEC 3400 Glue Gun Overview

The Power Adhesives TEC 3400 industrial glue gun from shows great promise, since it's the predecessor of the TEC 3200. This glue gun uses 1 3/4" (43 mm) hot melt glue slugs. The TEC 3400 like the TEC 3200 comes with temperature modules that easily allow you to change the glue guns temperature.

This industrial glue gun runs off a digital controller that allows the gun to respond faster to demands. This controller allows the glue gun to maintain correct temperature so operators can work faster and long and the tool will require less maintenance.

The TEC 3400 has a controller that will detect various problems with the glue gun and indicate these by a rapidly flashing light. If this occurs the glue gun will shut down to prevent any further damage to your tool.

TEC 3400 Specifications

  • Melt rate: 3.8kg (8¼lbs+)/hr
  • Glue size: 43mm (1¾”) glue cartridge
  • Voltage: 120V and 230V
  • Wattage: 400W
  • Heater: Cartridge
  • Temp Control: Electronic plug-in temperature modules Hotmelt gun °C (°F) 195°C (380°F) fi tted, Lowmelt 130°C (265°F), 160°C (320°F) and 215°C (420°F) modules included (additional modules available)
  • Power cable: 3m (10 ft)
  • Weight: 1.15kg (2½lbs)


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