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Camie 300 General Purpose Spray Adhesive

Best Seller for Low Volume Applications: Camie 300 General Purpose Aerosol Spray Adhesive

Camie 300 is a general purpose aerosol spray adhesive. Camie 300 gives a fast initial tack and then dries almost colorless. The bond strength created by this spray adhesive can be used for strong temporary or permanent bonding applications.

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Infinity Spray 770 Industrial Spray Adhesive is Portable Canister

Best Seller for High Volume Applications: Infinity Spray 770 Industrial Spray Adhesive in Portable Canister

Infinity Spray 770 by Infinity Bond is an incredibly unique high-performance, non-flammable spray adhesive formulated to bond difficult substrates. Use the Infinity Spray 770 for industrial applications where large surface areas need to be covered like panel bonding, ductwork insulation, furniture assembly, and more. Infinity Spray 770 has a very low soak in rate and offers a fast tack.

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Common Questions About Spray Adhesives

  • Bonding laminate to various wood substrates
  • Upholstery to foam
  • Foam to foam
  • Fabric to various wood substrates
  • Insulation attachment
  • Fabric bonding
  • Drywall
  • Rubber & gasket bonding
  • Crafting

Particle Sprays:

  • Dispersions - suspended particles that can settle (shake/purge)
  • Translucent glue lines
  • Non-telegraphing texture, smooth
  • Fine, misty particle spray

Lace Sprays:

  • Solutions - no particles, no settling (no shaking or purging needed)
  • Variable spray pattern
  • Minimal spray
  • Lace, Web spray
  • Strong hold

This is another very difficult question to answer due to the fact that spray glue comes in so many different types. Simply put, some are not strong at all and don't really form a permanent bond whatsoever, while others can hold out several thousand pounds of weight. The fact of the matter is that spray adhesives are generally quite strong, especially the more special types. 

Now, when it comes to solvent resistance, water resistance, UV resistance, and impact resistance, exactly how good the glue in question is depends on the exact type and chemical makeup. 

Once again, there are so many different types of spray adhesives that we cannot make a general assessment across the board. Therefore, it is recommended that you do some research on specific products in relation to the tasks that you want to accomplish.