Titebond 1361 HiPURformer PUR Glue Gun

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  • Type: PUR Glue Gun
  • Brand: Titebond
  • Gun Type: Manual, PUR Glue Gun

About the Titebond HiPURformer PUR Glue Gun

Note: The Titebond HiPURformer gun has been discontinued. The Infinity Bond Flex 50 is an excellent replacement.

The Titebond HiPURformer glue gun PUR dispensing system complete with PUR glue gun, glue gun heater (base) and detachable power cord. PUR hot melt offers some distinct advantages over traditional glue sticks including a strong initial tack and a bond that continues to strengthen over time as the adhesive reacts with moisture in the air. Polyurethane hot melt is also good for bonds that need to be weatherproof and adhering difficult substrates.

    Replacements for the Titebond HiPURformer

    The Titebond HiPURformer gun and HiPUR cartridges have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available. 

    Infinity PUR makes exact replacements for the Titebond HiPUR 50 gram cartridges along with an improved gun.

    Titebond Product Infinity PUR Replacement
    Titebond 1361 HiPURformer Glue Gun Infinity PUR 3000 Glue Gun
    Titebond WW30 HiPUR Cartridge Infinity PUR WW30 Cartridge
    Titebond WW60 HiPUR Cartridge Infinity PUR WW60 Cartridge
    Titebond MP75 HiPUR Cartridge Infinity PUR MP75 Cartridge


    Titebond HiPURormer Kit: What's Included

    • PUR Glue Gun
    • PUR Glue Gun Charger & Base
    • Detachable power cord
    • Instruction manual and product brochure

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