3M 3738 Glue Sticks
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3M 3738 Glue Sticks

3M 3738 Glue Sticks

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The 3M 3738 glue sticks have a high deliver rate and long bonding range.  3M 3738 hot glue sticks are general purpose, but work great for foundry sand cores, corrugated, wood bonding, select plastics & chipboard. The 3M 3738 glue sticks come in all 3M glue stick for all 3M glue gun.

Matching Your 3M Glue Stick to the Correct 3M Glue Gun

3M AE Size (1/2" X 12") Glue Sticks Fit:

3M TC Size (5/8" X 2") Glue Sticks Fit:

3M Q Size (5/8" X 8") Glue Sticks Fit:

3M PG Size (1" X 3") Glue Sticks Fit:


3M 3738 Glue Stick Specs

  • Works with: 3M AE, EC, TC, PG
  • Open Time: 50 Seconds
  • Color: Tan
  • Heat Resistance: 186F
  • Bonds to: General Purpose, Sand Core, Corrugated, Wood, Plastics, Chipboard


3M 3738 MSDS

3M Bonding Guide
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