3M 3748 VO Glue Sticks - UL 94 VO Rated
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3M 3748 VO Electronics Glue Sticks

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3M 3748 VO Glue Stick Overview 

The 3M 3748VO glue sticks are unique in that they are non-corrosive to copper and offer superior shock and heat resistance and self extinguishing. They are also one of the few glue sticks in the world with the UL 94 VO rating for flame resistance. 

Often used for bonding plastics and electrical components, the 3M 3748 glue sticks come in a the Q size glue stick so you must use a 3M EC or TC w/Quadrack glue gun to dispense this hot melt.

Matching Your 3M Glue Stick to the Correct 3M Glue Gun

3M Q Size (5/8" X 8") Glue Sticks Fit:

3M 3748 VO Specifications

3M 3748VO Glue Stick Specs

  • Works with: 3M EC, TC w/Quadrack
  • Open Time: 30 Seconds
  • Color: Light Yellow
  • Heat Resistance: 175F
  • Bonds to: Plastics, Metal
  • Chemical Base: Polypropylene

3M 3748 VO MSDS and TDS

3M 3748VO MSDS

3M 3748VO TDS
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