3M Polygun II Pnuematic Glue Gun with Speedloader Magazine Feed

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Manufacturer Part #: 7000121605

Previous Part #: 62978398303

UPC: 00021200893964

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Product Highlights

  • Type: Industrial
  • Stick Size: 1" X 3" PG Glue Sticks
  • Temperature: Low Temp and High Temp Available
  • Overview of the 3M Polygun PG II Pneumatic Glue Gun with Speedloader Magazine Feed

    A pneumatic high volume dispenser that operates at a fixed temperature of 385F / 196C. This version of the PG II differs from the original PG II Polygun because the speedloader magazine holds 12 1x3" sticks for easy dispensing. The applicator is designed for use with 1x3" PG sticks and is capable of dispensing up to 7.5 pounds of adhesive per hour. As the Speedloader chamber runs low, it emits a whistling sound. The piston can be retracted and adhesive glue sticks loaded into the chamber to keep production flowing. This applicator includes stand and 9921 and 9946 brass tips. 

    Features of the 3M Polygun PG II Pneumatic Glue Gun with Speedloader Magazine Feed

    • Contoured grip and wide trigger provide operator comfort and precise control
    • Positive check valve nozzle helps minimize dripping
    • The built-in stand helps keep applicator upright, stable and ready for use
    • Magazine (12 stick) feed for convenient dispensing

    PG II Accessories

    • Heavy Duty Bench Stand for PG-II and PG-II LT (Part # 021200-22039)
    • Bench Mount (Part # 021200-21713)
    • Bench Nozzle Assembly (Part # 021200-21713)
    • Foot Pedal Assembly (Part # 021200-82278) 

    PG II Nozzles

    • Mini Extension Tim .072" for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9725)
    • T-Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9726)
    • L-Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9727)
    • .070" Tapered Aluminum Extension for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9785) 
    • 3 Hole Spreader for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9916)
    • 2 Hole Spreader, 1/4" Span for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9913)
    • .063" Fluted Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9922)
    • .125" Fluted Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9940)
    • .090" Fluted Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9921)
    • High Viscosity Valve for TC, EC, PG-II (Part # 9729)
    • .072" Brass Extension for PG-II & PG-II LT (Part # 9946)


    3M Polygun PG II Pneumatic Glue Gun Specs

    • Works With: 1" X 3" Glue Sticks
    • Use: Heavy Duty/Pneumatic
    • Brand: 3M
    • Part Number: High Temp (021200-22033) or Low Temp (021200-89395)
    • Options: High Temp or Low Temp
    • Melt Rate: 7 lbs per Hour

    Authorized 3M Distributor

    Gluegun.com is an authorized distributor of 3M industrial adhesives, including 3M Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy and 3M Scotch-Weld™ Acrylic adhesives, as well as 3M Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt adhesives and applicators.

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