Bulk Gummy Glue Hot Melt
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Bulk Gummy Fugitive Hot Melt form Warren Adhesives

Bulk Gummy Glue Hot Melt

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Case Size: 25lbs

SKU: HM-8532


Warren Adhesives HM 8532 is a pressure sensitive hot melt giving a fugitive bond, meaning it is designed to hold something in place and be removed easily. This product in particular, will allow NO paper fiber tear. Magnets to phone books or credit cards to mail outs would be good examples of the use of the HM 8532.

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    Warren HM 8532 Bulk Hot Melt Specs


    • Color: Clear
    • Suggested Application Temp: 350F
    • Viscosity @ 350F: 1,000 cps
    • Softening Point: 180F
    • Form: Pillows
    • Hot Melt Type: Pressure Sensitive

      MSDS & TDS

      Warren HM 8532 MSDS & TDS Sheets

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