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Fugitive 'Gummy Glue' Peelable Bulk Hot Melt Overview

This fugitive gummy glue by Infinity Bond was formulated to have the perfect balance of bond strength and easy release. Infinity IM-F4250 will not leave an oily residue and is great for peel and stick applications like card mailers, promotional items and more.

The Infinity gummy glue will be sure to hold your items securely in place but not tear paper or other sensitive substrates upon release. 

Dispensing Bulk Gummy Glue

Dispensing bulk gummy glue can be done in a variety of methods. We have a number bulk glue guns that can easily heat and dispense this adhesive. It can also be dispensed with a large tank dispensing unit for higher volume applications. 

Small Applicator Options

  • Champ 3 Bulk Glue Gun
  • Champ 600 Bulk Glue Gun

Tank Systems

  • Astro LS10 Complete System


  • Viscosity: 1000 cps @ 350° F
  • Total Solids: 100%
  • Softening Point: 160°F
  • Form: Pillows
  • Speed of Set: Remains Open
  • Application: Mailings | Advertising | Promotions
  • Application Temp: 350F

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