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Camie 22/90 Heavy Duty Degreaser Aerosol Spray

Product Highlights

Adhesive Type:
  • Aerosol Spray Cleaner
  • Camie
SKU: CAMIE 22/90 (Single Can)

Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA

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About the Camie 22/90 Citrus Cleaner, Degreaser and Adhesive Remover

The Camie 22/90 is a sprayable heavy duty degreaser and cleaner effective in any area of built up grease, oil, paint, adhesive or other substance that you need to clean and remove.

The Camie 22/90 is a non-corrosive material that evaporates rapidly and can be used in a wide range of applications including automotive, construction, engine work and general floor cleaning.

Great for Use On:

  • Removing oil stains and road tar
  • Removing decals and stickers
  • Removing lipstick
  • Removing soap film
  • Degreasing equipment
  • Great for use in applications where chlorinated solvents cannot be used.

Camie 22/80 Citrus Cleaner, Degreaser and Adhesive Remover Specifications


Removal of build-up of grease, oil, grime. Effective for cleaning grease from equip- ment, work areas, and metal parts in the manufacturing process.

Container Size

20 Fluid Ounce Can

Product Description

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Net Weight

14.0 Ounces

Cans Per Case


Case Dimensions - Inches

11.75" L X 8.75" W X 10.5" H

Case Weight

14.7 Pounds

Cases Per Pallet





Mild Solvent

Solvent System

Heptane & Methylal



Evaporation Rate


Spray Pattern

Jet Mist



VOC Compliant for CA & OTC

Not For Retail Sale

NSF Registered


Aerosol Flammability Level

Level 3 Aerosols

Warranty Period

One Year from date of shipment

DOT Proper Shipping Name

Consumer Commodity ORM-D for domes- tic ground shipment. (See MSDS for additional shipping information)

Camie 22/90 Degreaser Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


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Camie 22/90 Heavy Duty Degreaser Aerosol Spray

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Camie 22/90 Heavy Duty Degreaser Aerosol Spray