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Camie 365 High Temperature Resistant Aerosol Spray Adhesive

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Adhesive Type:
  • Aerosol Spray Adhesive
  • Camie
SKU: CAMIE 365 (Single Can)

Ships from Minneapolis, MN, USA

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About Camie 365 High Strength, Temperature Resistant Spray Adhesive

Camie 365 is a high strength aerosol spray adhesive that was formulated to bond dissimilar substrates (think plastic to wood or metal to foam) and also to withstand high temperatures. Even more, the 365 can withstand thermal stresses like temperature cycling. 

Camie 365 is a colorless adhesive and has a 3 way adjustable valve to allow users to fine tune the web pattern being dispensed. Camie 365 is a go-to spray adhesive with fast tack, high strength and even a fast green strength. 

Great for Bonding:

  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Foam
  • Fabric
  • Wood

Camie 365 Spray Adhesive Specifications


Camie 365 Hi-Bond High Strength Adhesive can be used in construction applications, where strong bonds are required. See label on back container for other uses. 

Container Size 

20 Fluid oz. Container 

Product Description 

Aerosol Adhesive 

Net Weight 

12 oz. 

Cans Per Case 

12 Cans 

Case Dimensions-Inches 

11.75" L X 8.75" W X 10.5" H 

Case Weight 

13.3 lbs. 

Cases Per Pallet 

72 Cases 




Mint When Wet 

Solvent System 

Hexane & Acetone Blend 


DME & Hydrocarbon Blend 

Bond Time 

10 Seconds to 2 Minutes 

Heat Resistance 

Max. Service Temperature 140˚ F 


23.8% +/- 2%

Spray Pattern 




VOC Compliant for CA & OTC 


Aerosol Flammability Level 

Level 3 

Warranty Period 

One Year From Date of Shipment 

Food packaging Adhesive Complies with 21CFR 175.105 


DOT Proper Shipping Name 

Consumer Commodity ORM-D for domestic ground shipment. (See MSDS for additional shipping information) 


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Camie 365 High Temperature Resistant Aerosol Spray Adhesive

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Camie 365 High Temperature Resistant Aerosol Spray Adhesive