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Camie 610 Low Cost Sprayable Silicone Lubricant

Product Highlights

Adhesive Type:
  • Aerosol Spray Lubricant
  • Camie
SKU: CAMIE 610 (12 Cans)
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About the Camie 610 Low Cost Silicone Lubricant Spray

The Camie 610 is a low cost sprayable silicone lubricant. This lubricant is applied easily from a 20 ounce can and is considered a "dry application" as it does not create a wet film when sprayed.

The Camie 610 is great for mold release applications and prevents sticking or adhesion of tapes, glues, rubbers, waxes and other similar substrates.

Additional Information on Camie 610

  • Dry silicone lubricant
  • Economical, low cost option
  • Great for molding and mold release applications
  • Colorless, non-staining formulation

Industries Where Camie 610 Lubricant is Used

  • Mold release applications
  • General lubrication applications

Camie 610 Low Cost Silicone Lubricant Specifications


Camie 610 is a universal plastic mold release agent. Prevents adhesion of tape, glue, rubber, wax, and other sticky material on non-porous substrates.

Container Size

20 Fluid Ounce Can

Product Description

Silicone Release Spray

Net Weight

11 Ounces

Cans Per Case


Case Dimensions - Inches

11.75” L X 8.75” W X 10.5” H

Case Weight

12.7 Pounds

Cases Per Pallet



Colorless Non-Staining Liquid


Mild, solvent when wet / Odorless when dry

Solvent System




Heat Resistance

-40˚F - 500˚F



Spray Pattern

Dry Conical Mist



VOC Compliant for CA & OTC

Not Regulated

NSF Registered


Aerosol Flammability Level

Level 3 Aerosols

Warranty Period

One Year from date of shipment

DOT Proper Shipping Name

Consumer Commodity ORM-D for do- mestic ground shipment. (See MSDS for additional shipping information)

Camie 610 Sprayable Silicone Lubricant Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


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Camie 610 Low Cost Sprayable Silicone Lubricant

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Camie 610 Low Cost Sprayable Silicone Lubricant

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Camie 610 Low Cost Sprayable Silicone Lubricant

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