Jane's HB220 Glue Gun Kit


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Gluegun.com has a close relationship with our customer Jane, which is why we have launched this glue gun kit online. Jane purchased her HB 220 glue gun from us and has been nice enough to direct her friends interested in the same system to our website. If you want to check out this glue gun out in action check out some of Jane's YouTube videos

Jane's kit includes, PAM Fastening's HB 220 Industrial 1/2" glue gun which offers excellent performance. This glue gun has a melt rate of 1.5 to 2.6 lbs per hour. Easily turn your glue gun on and off with a flip of a switch making it easy to leave plugged in, in your work space. The adjustable temperature makes the HB 220 capable of using both low melt and standard temperature glue sticks a breeze. The PAM 67028 precision nozzle makes fine detail work easy.

This Kit Includes:


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