50mil Epoxy Kit - Includes Adhesive, Gun, Nozzle

SKU: ASI MP 5405 | Sulzer DMA 51-00-10 | 10 Pack Bayonet Mixers

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Product Highlights

Complete 50mil Epoxy Kit

Epoxy Kit Overview

We have packaged our most popular 50mil cartridge gun, epoxy adhesive and static mixer to provide users a simple to use adhesive kit for general projects and repairs. This epoxy kit comes with our most popular 5-minute epoxy in either clear or black. Epoxy offers a strong, flexible bond for permanently adhering a variety of different substrates.

How It Works

Epoxy kits don't have to be complicated, this kit comes with everything you need to be up and running in minutes. Simply insert your adhesive cartridge into your cartridge gun, attach the static mixer tip to your cartridge and viola! Your dispensing an industrial strength epoxy adhesive. The adhesive will run through the static mixer which will thoroughly mix and activate part A and part B. Once activated, you will have about 5 minutes to dispense and rearrange your surfaces. 

If you don't use the entire cartridges, simply remove the static mixer, clean and cover the cartridge tip, and put away until next time you need it. You'll just need to attach a new static mixer to get up and running. 

Questions? Contact us about this epoxy adhesive kit or for any help you need on a specific application. Our experts have years of adhesive knowledge and are happy to help. 

Kit Includes

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